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Digital editions: You know, we usually use this space to trumpet our fantastic print edition … and wer’re going to do it again! This week, read about how Jacques Torres plans to kick the candy asses of Big Cocoa! Check out five broadsheet pages of GO Brooklyn, telling you everything you need to know about Brooklyn Designs AND awesome gifts for Mother’s Day! But there’s more! Don’t believe me? Download a copy or pick one up today! Read more…

Marty loves Bloomy’s Coney rezoney

Coney Island: Borough President Markowitz has come out strongly in favor of Mayor Bloomberg’s controversial plan for redeveloping Coney Island with new amusements and housing. Comments (5)

Kissed off! Jacques Torres will fight Hershey’s

DUMBO: Brooklyn’s most-famous chocolatier won’t kiss and make up. Comments (1)

Meet the Men of the Swine Flu Pandemic!

Our photographer caught up with some hunky men and their swine flu fashions. Comment

Superfund showdown on the Gowanus

Cleaning Our Waterways: A proposal for a federally overseen clean-up of the Gowanus Canal sounds like something that everyone can get behind, but it’s actually pitting neighbor against neighbor over facts and hearsay that are as murky as the waterway itself. Comments (4)
Shopping: Brooklyn Designs, the exhibition of the borough’s finest home furnishing makers, rears its sleek, contemporary head again next week. Even if you’re feeling the pinch of the recession, you don’t have to decorate your entire apartment only with Ikea products (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Comment
Greenpoint: The city apologized to Greenpoint — through The Brooklyn Paper — saying bureaucrats were to blame for delaying the opening of a waterfront park for nearly two years. Comments (2)

Mother’s Day is coming up — look, you need a gift

Shopping: Here’s our annual Mother’s Day gift guide! Comments (1)

Swine flu? What’s the big deal?

Cartoon: Our cartoonist, Cristian Fleming, weighs in on the swine flu … among other things. Comments (1)

The Brooklyn Paper mailbag

Letters: This week, we got a lot of letters about the proposal to designate the Gowanus Canal as a federal Superfund site. Comments (3)

This guy was HOT!

But, alas, temps are on the decline again. Comments (2)

This is one ‘Crazy’ tour of South Brooklyn’s mob past

Event: Red Hook is going to the mattresses — and we’re not talking about Ikea. Comment

Studying is fun at this wine ‘university’

Dining: Becoming a wine snob has never been so easy, thanks to new “courses” at the Park Slope restaurant and wine bar Bussaco. Comment

Jury of ‘Pier’

Art: Dawn Robyn Petrlik could have been excused for going negative with the Brooklyn Waterfront Artist Coalition’s spring art show, but she went with hope anyway. Comment
Columbia St Waterfront: Everyone loves Kurt Vonnegut — readers, critics, worms. Comment
Bridge ‘Park’: The popular Brooklyn Flea will open a summer home — its third — inside the troubled Brooklyn Bridge Park site starting in June. Comment

Dazzle me? How about underwhelm me?

Politicrasher: Candidates were asked to “dazzle” us. They failed. Comments (4)

Pew — this stinks! Congregation is homeless in church fight

Boerum Hill: Mother of God! A splintering fight for control of a Lutheran church in Boerum Hill has left the dwindling congregation homeless. Comments (9)
Columbia St Waterfront: In this case, the cover up is better than the crime. Comments (1)
Theater: “The Merchant of Venice,” William Shakespeare’s controversial play about love, loss, revenge and Jews is coming to Brooklyn for a two-week run. Comments (1)
Music: An indie supergroup has found a bizarre, but fitting, venue to unveil its new record — a Russian bathhouse in Kensington. Comment
Music: You still have some time to enter our giveaway contest to win two tickets to Wilco’s July 13 contest in Coney Island. Read more…
Bay Ridge: The wheels on Bay Ridge’s B4 bus are going round and round — and 78th Street residents are going crazy. Comments (10)

Blog party! This year’s blogfest is bigger than ever

Event: Newspapers are dying left and right. Ad revenues are falling like bodies on Oct. 29, 1929. And even the New York Times had to hit up a Mexican industrialist to stay alive. Comments (8)

Smartmom wonders: What is a good mother?

Smartmom: If it’s Tuesday, it’s Smartmom day on This week, Smartmom examines what it takes to be a good mother (believe it or not, she is one!). Comment
Bay Ridge: A Bay Ridge group that has long fought against the proliferation of cellphone towers is calling on the city — and the federal government — to cut the cord on the controversial antennas. Comments (5)
Awesome: You still have some time to enter our giveaway contest to win two tickets to Wilco’s July 13 contest in Coney Island. Read more…

FOER! Look out, book fans, Jonathan’s new book is (gasp) non-fiction!

Books: Not so loud, but incredibly close: Jonathan Safran Foer sits down and talks to The Brooklyn Paper. Comments (2)

Ridge freshman corners Hillary on … Sri Lanka?

McMahon on Line 1: The latest installment of our popular feature chronicling new Bay Ridge congressman Mike McMahon’s first year in office takes us inside the House foreign affairs committee. Comments (7)

Ya gotta bee-lieve! Apiary puppet show is a hit at the Brick

Dooley Noted: The world’s foremost authority on puppetry, kids music and mime is back with a rave review for “The Colonists” at the Brick Theater. Comment
Brooklyn Heights: Parents were bursting with excitement after the city rolled out its design for a three-story annex to relieve overcrowding in PS 8 in Brooklyn Heights, one of the borough’s most-popular elementary schools. Comment

DOE looks for Hebrew home

While three local intermediate schools are being looked at by the Department of Education (DOE) as possible sites to house a new charter school on a temporary basis, there are indications that one of them is the agency’s hands-down favorite. Comment

Here’s how to win two Wilco tickets!


Here’s how to win two Wilco tickets!

Awesome: We got ‘em, you want ‘em: two tickets to Wilco’s July 13 show at Coney Island. Click above to find out how to enter our giveaway contest! Comments (2)
Red Hook: President Obama is going to park his cars in Red Hook. Comments (4)
Columbia St Waterfront: Billions of tiny salt granules blew from a pile in the Red Hook container port into the residential neighborhood across Columbia Street on Thursday afternoon, coating everything in their path with a fine layer of brine and even penetrating apartments blocks away from the piers. Comments (1)

The weekender! Here’s what you should do on Saturday and Sunday

Editor’s Picks: Once again, the invaluable Brooklyn Paper is back with some tips for a great weekend. Keep hustlin’, Brooklyn! Comment
DUMBO: The city has restored a key link between East DUMBO and West DUMBO, uniting the divided neighborhood for the first time in generations. Comments (1)

Pontiak joins the “Smash or Trash” dishonor roll

Smash or Trash: The Smash or Trash team sees this Virginia band as no better than a GM car. Comments (1)

This ‘Glass’ is completely full

Event: It’s an Ira vs. Philip smackdown at St. Anne’s Warehouse (relax, they’re cousins!). Comment


Park Slope: Now this is gnarly! Comment

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