Thursday, Nov. 6, 2008



Politics: Brooklyn helped hand Barack Obama a historic win on Tuesday night — and then revelers spilled out into the streets in a cathartic victory party in several neighborhoods. Comments (3)
Page 1: Yeah, sure people were lining up for copies of the New York Times’s “Obama” front page, but this week’s print edition of The Brooklyn Paper is no less of a collector’s edition. Read it all here — online! — where you’ll get our full election coverage, plus stories on the slumping (and surging) real-estate market, the history of beer (yum, beer) and a dentist who wanted kids to turn in their Halloween candy (fat chance). And as we say in the newsroom, keep hustlin’, Brooklyn! Read more…

Cooling off!

Cooling off!

Bridge ‘Park’: A luxury building that is the cornerstone of the Brooklyn Bridge Park waterfront development is showing signs that the tanking economy is hurting the local real-estate market. Comment

President Barack Obama

Editorial: Our editorial board concludes: The election of Barack Obama is a major big deal! Comments (1)



Brooklyn Heights: Wall Street blues be damned! Comment

All drawn out

Cartoon: Our cartoonist Cristian Fleming looks back at the historic election of Barack Obama. Comment

Fight night

Fight night

Event: Park Slope better be ready to rumble on Nov. 15, when a crew of Spandex-clad wrestlers will take over the Brooklyn Lyceum for a no-holds barred slugfest. Comments (1)

Bottled up!

Bottled up!

Nightlife: Move over St. Louis and Milwaukee — Brooklyn is back! Comments (2)

Deli good

Dining: Downtown office workers, starving for a delicious lunchtime sandwich, can now have their day on Court — F. Martinella’s has opened. Comment
Shopping: An indie artisan movement is burgeoning in Brooklyn, and two entrepreneurs are doing their part with new ways to champion hand-crafted stuff. Comment

Smoke on the Gowanus water

Gowanus: The Bloomberg Administration’s plan to turn the land around the Gowanus Canal into the next residential frontier could be derailed by the local councilman who wants to link the future of that neighborhood with nearby Carroll Gardens, where residents want limits on new development. Comments (3)

99 bottles of beer on the wall…

Nightlife: The return of large-scale beer bottling in Brooklyn is cause for celebration. Here are some of the best places in the borough to enjoy locally brewed perfection. Comment

Awe shucks!

Dining: A DUMBO eatery is reconnecting the nautical neighborhood with its seafaring roots — with oysters! Comment

A mean ‘Green’ theft

A mean ‘Green’ theft

Bay Ridge: Crooks broke into the site of Bay Ridge’s recently demolished “Green Church” overnight on Tuesday in an apparent attempt to heist a time capsule from the rubble, Pastor Robert Emerick told The Brooklyn Paper. Comments (4)

Whitman vs. Lethem

Books: This week, author Jonathan Lethem kicked off the “Walt Whitman Writers Series” at St. Francis College in Brooklyn Heights. That’s a pretty lofty gig — but does today’s literary golden boy hold his own against the father of free verse? Find out in The Brooklyn Paper’s first ever borough literary smackdown! Comment

Veterans’ day

Veterans’ day

Downtown: Downtown planners — led by former Borough President Howard Golden — want to turn the stately, but neglected war memorial in Cadman Plaza Park into a state-of-the-art museum and veterans center as well as a monument to heroes from the Revolutionary War to the current conflicts abroad. Comment

Civic calendar

All the community meetings you should be going to. Comment

Our exclusive family calendar!

Parenting: All the fun you could be having with your kids. Comment

Wednesday, Nov. 5, 2008

Sloan-Kettering coming to Brooklyn

Downtown: Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center wants to bring its world-renowned cancer doctors to Downtown Brooklyn. Comments (5)

McCain wins (In one school’s kiddie vote, that is)

Greenpoint: Barack Obama handily won the national race, but students at St. Stanislaus Kostka School in Greenpoint made a maverick decision when they elected Sen. John McCain on Tuesday. Comment
Prospect Heights: Like another famous Grinch’s attempt to steal Christmas, a Prospect Heights orthodontist’s ploy to buy back kids’ Halloween candy fell short on Monday. Comment

Teen killed in valet parking accident

Bay Ridge: A 17-year-old restaurant valet parker was killed on Nov. 1 when he tried to stop a rolling minivan from hitting another parked car on 83rd Street in Bay Ridge. Comments (2)

Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2008

Downtown: The Fulton Street Mall joined neighborhood shopping strips throughout Brooklyn in heralding an early start to the Christmas shopping season. Comment

Obama vs. McCain: It all comes down to the juice boxes

Politicrasher: On the eve of Election Day, Obama supporters strategize on how to keep voters at the polls. Comment
Coney Island: It’s the ultimate battle of the band-shells: Coney Island may someday have an outdoor summer concert venue to rival the seaside theaters at Jones Beach and the PNC Bank Arts Center in New Jersey. Comments (1)

Buy or beware! Customer ticketed in Ridge lot

Bay Ridge: In Bay Ridge, even free parking has a price. Comments (12)

Teen Spirit falls into the ‘gap’

Smartmom: If it’s Tuesday, it must be Smartmom day at This week, Teen Spirit considers taking a year off before college (what? He was planning on GOING to college?). Comment

City seeks Billyburg downzone

Williamsburg: In hopes of curbing sky-scraping development in Greenpoint and Williamsburg, the city has proposed capping the height of buildings in a 175-block downzoning that residents said should have happened years ago. Comment

Monday, Nov. 3, 2008

LICH docs rage at Continuum exec

Letters: The head and former head of the Long Island College Hospital medical staff respond, angrily, to our interview with the hospital’s chief “restructurer.” Comment

War is hell — but it pays the bills! How Obama lost another Ohio vote

Politicrasher: A wife stands by her man — and against Obama — because her husband’s job depends on the war in Iraq. Man, this is one messed-up country sometimes. Comments (4)

Cyclone: Joy ride or death ride?

Coney Island: The family of a man who fatally broke his neck on a birthday ride on the Cyclone last summer is blaming the city for not keeping the Coney Island coaster safe. Comment
Williamsburg: The city turned a six-block stretch of Kent Avenue in South Williamsburg into a no parking zone last Saturday morning — then immediately ticketed drivers in the heavily Hasidic neighborhood who couldn’t move their cars on the Jewish holy day. Comments (8)

Grimaldi’s to go (to Manhattan)

Dining: Finally, Manhattan will get a taste of what Brooklynites have been devouring for years. Comments (9)

Sunday, Nov. 2, 2008

Live from Ohio! Our columnist crashes the campaign

Politicrasher: Our political columnist is in Ohio — yes, the real Ohio in the Midwest — to bring you on-the-ground coverage of the war for this ultimate swing state. Obama fans: be afraid. Be very afraid. Comments (2)

Friday, Oct. 31, 2008

UPDATE! Arrest in Ft. Greene shooting

UPDATE! Arrest in Ft. Greene shooting

Fort Greene: Police say they have arrested one of the two gunmen who killed a man and wounded four bystanders — including an off-duty cop — in a Fulton Street beauty parlor in a classic rubout on Oct. 27. Comments (1)
Editor’s Picks: Once again, the invaluable Brooklyn Paper is back with some nice tips for this weekend. Keep hustlin’, Brooklyn! Comment
Music: Williamsburgers, launder your tuxes and grab your monocles: A long-forgotten 600-seat theater will open for the first time in decades next week — for three nights of opera! Comment
Letters: After reading our editorial last week slamming his term-limit vote, Councilman David Yassky asked us to print his side of the story. OK, Councilman, it’s your turn. Comments (7)

Meet the new head of the ACLU! And she’s a card-carrying member, too

Checkin’ in with: Our sit down with the new leader of the American Civil Liberties Union. Funny, but she didn’t burn a flag or rip up a Bible for the entirety of the interview! Comments (2)

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