Thursday, Oct. 23, 2008

Page 1: We gotta say: this issue of The Brooklyn Paper is amazing. Just check out our exclusive story on Whole Foods, our insightful coverage of the coming repairs to the Brooklyn–Queens Expressway, a piece about plans to turn Eighth Avenue and Prospect Park West into two-way streets and all the features and entertainment coverage that you expect from Brooklyn’s real newspaper. Keep hustlin’, Brooklyn! Read more…

Triple threat

Triple threat

Bridge ‘Park’: State transportation officials say they will overrule their engineers so that repairs to the Brooklyn–Queens Expressway will not affect Brooklyn Bridge Park. Residents are skeptical. Comment
Editorial: Our editorial board explains why our esteemed leaders must be questioned at all times — because they lie. Comments (2)

Manhattan guys win the Vendy! Gersh cries fowl

DUMBO: Brooklyn’s own Rafael Soler was snubbed at Saturday night’s Vendy Award ceremony, but that doesn’t mean our own editor, Gersh Kuntzman, had a bad time. Comment
Gowanus: Whole Foods now says it can’t build its supermarket at Third Avenue and Third Street without a development partner — but could that mean a shopping mall, businesses, housing? Comments (4)

Green Church is gone

Green Church is gone

Bay Ridge: Bay Ridge’s so-called “Green Church” is now a verdant pile of rubble — so let the blame-casting begin! Comments (3)

The signs look good

The signs look good

Williamsburg–Greenpoint Waterfront: Some Williamsburg residents aren’t shy about voicing their political leanings. Comment
Mean Streets: Major changes are coming to one of the worst intersections in Brooklyn — changes that would give pedestrians a leg up on cars for the first time in years. Comments (1)

Smith-Ninth rehab will cost more and take longer

Carroll Gardens: It’s the same F-ing story at the crumbling Smith-Ninth Street station: repairs are going to cost more — much more — and take much longer. Comment

Average ‘Joes’

Average ‘Joes’

Brooklyn Angle: The nation now knows that “Joe the Plumber” is a myth. But Joe the plumber is real. Comment

Pinup girls: The ‘I ♥ Bklyn Girls’ are back

If a man hangs a pin-up calendar above his desk at work, he’s an ogre. If a woman does it, she’s a sexual trend-setter. Comment
Politicrasher: Imitation may be the most sincere form of flattery in “real America,” but in Park Slope, the liberal ladies who dressed up like Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin on Saturday decided it’s definitely not sincere and it’s certainly not flattery. Comment

No más! Hook vendors season ends

Red Hook: The first year of the city’s tightened control of the vendors in Red Hook Park is drawing to a close this weekend and no one is happy with the results. Comment

All drawn out

Cartoon: This week, our award-winning cartoonist Cristian Fleming looks at the imminent demise of Long Island College Hospital. Comment

Nightmare on Montague Street! One World Symphony’s Halloween Treat

Music: You gotta hand it to One World Symphony. Where other classical music outfits are content to do the same old thing, One World’s evil genius maestro, Sung Jin Hong (pictured), has crafted a shrewdly sinister Halloween program at the St. Ann and the Holy Trinity church. Comments (1)

Shea’s rebellion! Nathan’s hot dog man earns Coney kudos

Event: George Shea, the P.T. Barnum of bile, the Bob Barker of barf, will be honored next Monday night by the freaks, geeks and other wonders of human curiosity at the Coney Island sideshow. “George turned a small event into an international sport on ESPN,” said Zigun, himself a connoisseur of publicity stunts. “I take all my hats off to him, including my derby and my straw.” Comment

Vegetarians speak: The Brooklyn Paper mailbag

Letters: Our mailbag is full again — and features missives about our recent cover story about the decline of vegetarianism. Comment

Rock and roll revolution

Theater: What if the American colonists didn’t rebel against England — until 2008? Comment

Say hello to Kevin’s

Say hello to Kevin’s

Dining: Is the revitalization of Red Hook back on schedule? Consider the latest evidence: a former Van Brunt deli is now the upscale New American bistro Kevin’s — a sit-down eatery with a local feel. Comments (4)

Your Halloween calendar

Event: Picking up where we scarily left off last week, here are the rest of the events in our frightful fortnight of fun. Comment

Crime wave washes over Ridge

Bay Ridge: A horrifying uptick in burglaries has residents of one of the borough’s safest neighborhoods living in fear. Comments (1)

Gates of hell!

Gates of hell!

Bay Ridge: Bay Ridge residents are urging shop owners to install see-through roll-down security gates — and are moving toward proposing an out-and-out ban if storeowners do not replace their solid metal shutters in favor of the fence-like guards. Comments (3)


Correction: Our recent story, “Prospect Park no longer goes to the dogs” (Oct. 18), suggested that the newly installed “No dogs” signs barred leashed canines from the Long Meadow. In fact, the restrictions only apply to paths around the ballfields at the southern end of the meadow. Leashed dogs are still allowed on the grass at all hours and are allowed off-leash during specified hours. The Brooklyn Paper regrets the error. Comment

Our exclusive family calendar!

Parenting: All the fun you could be having with your kids. Comment

Civic calendar

All the community meetings you should be going to. Comment

Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2008

Bailout! Feds save Ratner millions with new ruling

Atlantic Yards: The Treasury Department has bailed out Bruce Ratner. Comments (5)
Williamsburg: Finding a cheap apartment on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg? Priceless. Paying $550 a month to lay your weary head inches from a toilet? A little disgusting. Comments (2)

Trey loves a parade!

Dooley Noted: Our columnist previews the annual Halloween Parade in Park Slope. Comment
Boerum Hill: Residents of Dean Street are caught in the middle of a battle between the Department of Sanitation and the Department of Education that has left the area near PS 261 so filthy that some neighbors are tossing the school’s garbage bags back over the fence into the yard. Comments (2)

In Clinton Hill, one-way is DOA

Mean Streets: A request to turn several Clinton Hill blocks into one-way streets hit a dead end amid vehement opposition from residents. Comment

Tuesday, Oct. 21, 2008

Layoffs begin at LICH!

Cobble Hill: Long Island College Hospital laid off 100 employees this week in the first wave of what will likely be a much-larger downsizing to save the tottering hospital from closure. Comment

Downtown to MTA: Sell 370 Jay St

Downtown: A myriad of Downtown Brooklyn boosters rallied outside an empty and decrepit Metropolitan Transportation Authority office building on Jay Street on Monday to call for the cash-strapped agency to sell the building — but the MTA says it has a better idea. Comments (1)

Smartmom and Hepcat need to get a life

Smartmom: If it’s Tuesday, it’s Smartmom day on This week, we learn why Smartmom is not going to be a very good empty nester! Comments (1)
Theater: If we could all just be up front about our crushes, the world would be a better place. Plenty of people act on urges, sure, but there’s something to be said for growing a pair and telling a girl that you think she’s cute. Comment

Gowanus plan gets stink-eye

Gowanus: The stench of raw sewage in the Gowanus Canal may get worse before it gets any better. Comment
Williamsburg–Greenpoint Waterfront: A portion of the Williamsburg waterfront will open for public access later this month, giving residents of the park-starved neighborhood some of the open space that was promised under a contentious 2005 rezoning. Comment

Monday, Oct. 20, 2008

Park Slope to city: Change thruways to two-ways

Mean Streets: A group of Park Slope residents is urging the city to convert the one-way speedways of Prospect Park West and Eighth Avenue into two-way streets in hopes of avoiding the kinds of car-bike conflicts that killed a cyclist last month. Comments (1)
Fort Greene: The city has had 100 years to prepare for next month’s Prison Ship Martyrs Monument centennial, but workers are still racing to restore the centerpiece of Fort Greene Park to its former glory in time for the big day. Comment
Red Hook: One park in Red Hook is going to the dogs — but some residents are growling. Comments (1)

Saturday, Oct. 18, 2008

Guilty! ‘Vino’ Fossella convicted in drunk-driving case

Bay Ridge: Bay Ridge is represented in Congress by a convict, now that Rep. Vito Fossella was found guilty last Friday of drunk driving, stemming from a May 1 arrest in Virginia as the seven-term congressman was on his way to a night-time rendezvous with his mistress. Comments (5)

Friday, Oct. 17, 2008

Editor’s Picks: Once again, the invaluable Brooklyn Paper is back with some nice tips for this weekend. Keep hustlin’, Brooklyn! Comment

We win...again!

Podcast: Editor Gersh Kuntzman was about to break some big news in an exclusive Brooklyn Paper podcast, but all of a sudden, a special delivery changes the agenda in our DUMBO newsroom. Guess we’ll never find out what the actual “breaking” news story was. Comments (1)

Report: Brownstone bust is upon us

Development: Nerves about our collapsing national economy have finally sent jitters through Brooklyn’s real-estate market, with the number of property sales down more than 24 percent over the last three months — and the prices on those apartments and homes that did sell down almost four percent, a new report revealed this week. Comments (1)
Park Slope: A group of Park Slope activists are begging the MTA to make minor repairs at the dour Fourth Avenue subway station because they don’t believe that the cash-strapped transit agency will make good on its promise to fully renovate the station. Comments (4)

Wednesday, Oct. 15, 2008

More car break-ins!

Windsor Terrace: Despite an arrest, there were more car window smashings. Plus the other crime news from Windsor Terrace’s 72nd Precinct. Comments (1)

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