Thursday, July 24, 2008

Trapped cat drives man to psych ward

Carroll Gardens: It took animal rescuers, neighbors and a concerned pet owner 15 days — and one trip to the psych ward — to save a 7-year-old kitty that was trapped in a narrow shaft in a Carroll Gardens apartment building. Comments (21)

Busy Chef in hiding as new charges loom

Brooklyn Heights: Busy Chef Dan Kaufman has spent the week out of view after being charged with stealing nearly $25,000 — and attempting to steal $46,000 more — from unwitting customers in a massive identity theft and credit card forgery case. Comments (13)

There she is! Miss Brooklyn is now Miss New York

Of course, it’s no surprise to readers (and lookers) of The Brooklyn Paper, but Miss Brooklyn Leigh-Tayor Smith is now Miss New York! Comments (2)

This pork is fishy

This pork is fishy

Park Slope: Could this pork be smoked? Comments (1)

Heads roll at wobbly LICH

Cobble Hill: A surprise shakeup in the executive offices of Long Island College Hospital has renewed fears that the 150-year-old hospital may be doomed. Comment
Boerum Hill: No location is too unlikely for a new hotel in Brooklyn, not the manufacturing district around the Gowanus Canal and, now, not even a lot next to the soon-to-reopen Brooklyn House of Detention. Comments (2)
Brooklyn Heights: The organizer of an old-fashioned Soapbox Derby has zoomed right past the disapproving elders of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, who last year blocked the gravity-fueled go-cart race along Brooklyn Heights’ legendary “Suicide Hill” because of liability issues. Comments (5)

State: Grimaldi’s cooked books

DUMBO: State officials shut down Grimaldi’s on Wednesday, saying the internationally renowned DUMBO pizzeria owed $150,000 in taxes — but the cash-only joint reopened to cheers a few hours later as its owner downplayed the whole thing as just an “accounting error.” Comment

Our man grills the commish

Brooklyn Angle: Our columnist went to the official “Welcome Back” ceremony for the Red Hook vendors — but found himself getting nauseus from all the politicians taking credit for “saving” the vendors from the very bureaucracy they set up to ensnare them! Comments (3)

Red tape tastes bad

Editorial: Our editorial board think the city could have done better in dealing with the Red Hook vendors. Comment
Red Hook: It’s become a bus-aster at Borough Hall. Comments (4)

Striking Gould

Striking Gould

Cinema: To grow up Jewish in the 1970s was to be in the thrall of Elliott Gould. Sure, the suburban teenage Semite had his Woody Allen for comic relief and his Paul Newman for confirmation that he was, indeed, a member of a Chosen People, but the sight of the mangy, Jew-fro-covered head of Gould on the big screen during that long-forgotten decade got more than a few movie geeks through adolescence. Here, Gould talks with GO Brooklyn about those films, which will be screened at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in August. Comments (1)

Viva la Vespa!

Viva la Vespa!

Shopping: Gas is topping $4 per gallon. Parking, even in a cheap lot, can cost more then some people make in a day. And keeping a car in the city is enough to make anyone long for the subway. But there are a growing number of Brooklynites who don’t have to worry about such things anymore, as scooters — especially the Mod-throwback Vespa bikes — are taking the borough by storm. Comments (3)

A criminal of ‘fence’!

Bensonhurst: Oy vey! In the no-good-deed-goes-unpunished category, a Bensonhurst synagogue that was simply trying to make its facility more accessible to the disabled was the victim of an unholy theft when someone made off with its $15,000 exterior fence. Comments (1)

Coney does Disney?

Coney does Disney?

Coney Island: The state of Coney Island is not strong, one of its most vocal boosters said this week. Comments (10)

Over the Hill

Over the Hill

Theater: What do a dancing CEO, patriotic terrorist and neurotic Jewish man (who drugs his wife in order to keep her from cheating) have in common? They will soon be under the direction of Ian Hill at Williamsburg’s Brick Theater. Comment

Tasty restaurant gossip

Breaking Chews: We’re dishing up Brooklyn’s latest food news! Comment

Heights iTour

Event: Until now, tourists roaming through Brooklyn Heights were immediately recognizable thanks to their bulging fanny packs and unwieldy maps. But not anymore! Thanks to “CityListen Audio Tour,” a self-guided trek that downloads to any MP3 player, tourists can roam the borough with ear buds — just like us! Comment

Courageous choreography

Dance: There’s no room for trepidation at the Genesis Dance Company’s “Be Fearless! Experience Genesis Dance!” performances this weekend in Downtown Brooklyn. Meet the artists at the opening night gala. Comment

All Drawn Out

Cartoon: Our cartoonist’s take. Comment
Cyclones: Now that’s a switch! Comment

‘Hot’ prospect

‘Hot’ prospect

Art: Prices might be low, but drama will be high at the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition’s summer art exhibition — dubbed “Hot!” — that opens on Saturday. Comment

Power down! Ridgites get a wake-up call from Con Ed

Bay Ridge: Bay Ridge residents received a wake-up call — literally — on Sunday that would cause most people to get up on the wrong side of their bed: Con Ed was begging people to use less power in the midst of the summer’s second prolonged heat wave. Comments (1)

Only ‘Human’

Dance: Prospect Park will be the stage for Human Landscape Dance’s “Rituals of the First Year” — an innovative dance performance that explores new parenthood — on Sunday. Comment

Song and askance man

Dooley Noted: Our columnist reviews Randy Kaplan’s concert in Carroll Park on Wednesday. Comment
Bay Ridge: Ridgites are furious about a lengthy construction project on 86th Street that has torn up the vital commercial strip and turned a block between Third and Fourth avenues into a dumping ground. Comments (1)

Of course, Marty isn’t running — why should he?

Letters: Our mailbag is filled once again with letters about Borough President Markowitz’s run for mayor, the ticket blitz in Park Slope, a woman who got a stern warning for taking pictures of her daughter in a Brooklyn park, the greatness of Montreal and a federal plan to permanently close off Washington Street in Downtown. Comment
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Family calendar

Parenting: All the fun you could be having with your kids. Comments (1)

The Kitchen Sink

All the gossip, news, bric-a-brac and potpourri from your neighborhood. Comment

Civic calendar

All the community meetings you should be going to! Comment

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

‘Flea’ causing an itch in Ft. Greene

Fort Greene: The runaway popularity of a flea market on Lafayette Avenue bothers some neighbors who complain it’s made parking scarce and garbage plentiful on their brownstone blocks. Comments (3)
Atlantic Yards: The city is moving toward protecting a wide swatch of Prospect Heights — but the proposed “historic district” would not hinder a project that some neighbors think is the biggest destroyer of the area’s history: Atlantic Yards. Comment

Youth vote? That’s a laugh

Politicrasher: Our columnist follows around congressional hopeful Kevin Powell as he courts that most-elusive of political prizes: the youth vote. Comments (1)

Call it ‘Real Hook’ MTV anchors on Van Dyke

Red Hook: MTV isn’t talking about where it will film the 21st season of its “Real World” reality show, but in Red Hook, everyone knows the real deal. Comments (2)

Spicy vendor action

Podcast: Editor Gersh Kuntzman set out to be objective when he covered the return of the Red Hook vendors on Sunday, July 20, 2008. But when the politicians — the very people who sent the hard-working immigrants through the meat grinder of the city bureaucracy — started patting themselves on the back for “saving” the vendors, Kuntzman could take it no longer. Watch as he grills Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe so harshly that Sen. Charles Schumer had to step in! Comment

Cyclones take Yankees deep

Cyclones: Brooks win the rubber game against their nefarious cross-Narrows rivals. Comment

Green begets green

Green begets green

Downtown: Adams Street now has a green spine. Comment

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Park Slope: Monday mornings have become a stinking mess at Prospect Park this summer, where overflowing piles of trash, rotting food, and more litter than you can shake a half-eaten chicken leg at have become a weekly ritual. Comments (8)

Burglary Row in Fort Greene

Burglary Row in Fort Greene

Fort Greene: A repeat burglar — or a team of crooks — has tormented DeKalb Avenue restaurants, seemingly striking at will and with precision over the last two months. Comment

Clones send Yanks to ‘rubber’ room! Brooks take two of three from hated rivals

Cyclones: The Cyclones are on a roll, thanks to taking two of three from the first-place Yanks. Comment
Bay Ridge: The news that Starbucks would abandon one of its four Bay Ridge locations was greeted like the classic David vs. Goliath story in the neighborhood this week — and we all know who the David is. Comments (9)

OSFO in camp, Smartmom on retreat — and Hepcat is blue

Smartmom: This summer, the Oh So Feisty One is at camp and Smartmom is on her retreat to Block Island. What will Hepcat do? Comments (1)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Red Hook: Only six of the 13 Latino food vendors in Red Hook Park returned this weekend and were greeted by adoring fans and long lines — a long-awaited comeback that was delayed for months amid tightened city control over the 34-year-old, previously unregulated mercado. Comments (3)

Miss Brooklyn is now Miss New York!

Of course, it’s no surprise to readers (and lookers!) of The Brooklyn Paper, but Miss Brooklyn Leigh-Tayor Smith is now Miss New York! Comment

Cyclones win one! Rubber game against hated Yanks is tonight

Cyclones: The Cyclones evened the three-game series against their hated, cross-Narrows rivals with a lead-from-the-start-but-almost-collapse win that sets up a climactic rubber game tonight in Staten Island. Comments (1)
Brooklyn Angle: OK, so maybe the one-man sword fight in “Macbeth” left too much to the imagination. And maybe the 16-comedy ferry ride felt a little rushed. And, yeah, that 25-second “Julius Caesar” lost some of the angst of Brutus’s existential struggle, but you try doing 31 Shakespeare plays in three hours. Comment

Man breaks Shakespeare show record in Red Hook

Podcast: OK, so maybe the one-man sword fight in “Macbeth” left too much to the imagination. And maybe the 16-comedy ferry ride felt a little rushed. And, yeah, that 25-second “Julius Caesar” lost some of the angst of Brutus’s existential struggle, but you try doing 31 Shakespeare plays in three hours. Comment

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Busy chef is sprung! But more charges are coming say cops

Brooklyn Heights: Busy Chef Dan Kaufman was sprung from jail late Friday by his girlfriend — even as more victims of his alleged credit card scam are coming forward, law enforcement authorities said. Comment

Yanks take first of three! Clones in dead last

The struggling Cyclones crossed the Narrows on a listing ship — and promptly ran into a tidal wave by the name of Melky Mesa. Comment

Friday, July 18, 2008

Busted Chef! Heights food shop owner arrested on identity theft, forgery

Brooklyn Heights: One of the owners of Busy Chef, the popular Brooklyn Heights upscale take-out joint, was arraigned today for stealing nearly $25,000 from unwitting customers in a massive identity theft and credit card forgery case — and will remain in jail at least until Wednesday because the court would not accept a bail payment from an accused forger. Comments (5)
Downtown plan: An embattled condo project on Myrtle Avenue will come back to haunt its billionaire developer if he goes ahead and runs for mayor, his critics say. Comments (2)
Politics: Could it be that political gadfly John O’Hara has clawed himself back to respectability? Comment
Coney Island: Here’s a great way to spend next Saturday! Comments (2)

Steve Harrison fires back

Bay Ridge: Steve Harrison, the spurned man in the race to succeed Rep. Vito Fossella, says Sen. Charles Schumer’s endorsement of Councilman Mike McMahon this week just goes to show that the Staten Island councilman is not a true progressive Democrat. Comments (2)

Cyclones lose another; skid at two

Cyclones: A four-run Oneonta fifth inning plucked victory away from the underachieving Cyclones — who remain in last place in the McNamara Division. Comment

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