Monday, June 23, 2008


Death of a legend


Death of a legend

Ayveq, the walrus whose bizarre, though oddly compelling, masturbation rituals made him an international sensation at the New York Aquarium, has died. He was 14. Comments (13)

Supremes sing the blues to Yards foes

Atlantic Yards: The Supreme Court will not hear a case brought by property owners who are slated to lose their land to make room for Bruce Ratner’s Atlantic Yards project — but the property owners say they will take their case through New York State’s court system, which has traditionally not been sympathetic to property owners in eminent domain cases. Comments (4)

Frank Powers, 67: Was, briefly, GOP candidate for Fossella seat

Bay Ridge: Frank Powers, who had been selected by Republican power brokers to run for the congressional seat being vacated by disgraced Rep. Vito Fossella, died in his sleep on Sunday. He was 67. Comment

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Ikea docks in Red Hook


Ikea docks in Red Hook

Red Hook: Red Hook’s long-awaited Ikea — with a suitably long line — opened on Wednesday morning, heralding a new era for furniture shoppers, bargain hunters, meatball lovers and, perhaps more important, the troubled waterfront neighborhood. Comments (3)

tkt-yes! Half-priced Broadway tix on the way to Downtown

Downtown: It’s going to be a lot easier for Brooklynites to give their regards to Broadway starting this summer — thanks to a new TKTS booth Downtown. Comments (1)

State: Tranny flick too racy for park lineup

Bridge ‘Park’: The transsexual punk rocker of “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” was too racy for state officials, but the ax-wielding psychopath of “The Shining” was just fine for this year’s movie lineup in Empire–Fulton Ferry State Park. Comments (3)

Tourist ‘trolley’ goes the way of the Dodgers

Transit: The fake, gas-guzzling tourist trolleys that have failed to attract visitors to Brooklyn’s cultural institutions have been quietly put out of their misery, and will be replaced later this summer with fuel-efficient models that will go all the way into Manhattan in search of tourist treasure. Comments (3)

Ikea opens

Don’t kill Red Hook

Editorial: It is tempting to see the opening of Ikea in Red Hook as a sort of “retail therapy” for a neighborhood in the doldrums — but locals should not be tempted into inviting more big box stores to play in the Hook sandbox. Comments (4)

Hook: Lines and sinking?

Red Hook: Red Hook residents are bracing to see if Ikea will do what no other controversial project has been able to do — reinvigorate the hardscrabble neighborhood or wipe it off the “up-and-coming” map for good. Comment

Big blue box doesn’t scare nearby mom-and-pop

Red Hook: The opening of Ikea provided a good chance to pay a visit to Michael Sokol, an old-school furniture monger on Columbia Street. Comment

Two wheels good, four wheels bad

Red Hook: Red Hook — haven for big box shoppers or the most bicycle friendly neighborhood in the city? Well, why not both, thanks to this new design competition? Comment

All drawn out

Red Hook: Our artist’s weekly take on the issues of the day. This week: Ikea. Comment

The Latest Development News

Kiss the glass library goodbye

Development: The Brooklyn Public Library’s ambitious plan to build an iconic, Enrique Norten-designed performing arts branch near the Brooklyn Academy of Music has been abandoned, but rising in its place will be another Norten creation, this one a luxury residential, cultural and office edifice. Comments (1)

Coney’s re-zonie baloney: Foes find common ground over city’s land grab plan

Coney Island: The fight for the soul of Coney Island begins for real next week when supporters of independent amusement operators and the neighborhood’s private developers battle a city plan to buy up land and create a new and expanded amusement area that the mayor believes will save the faded “People’s Playground.” Comments (1)

Hung over at Hank’s

Carroll Gardens: A developer’s bid to build a seven-story condo building over Hank’s Saloon in Boerum Hill was unanimously blocked last Wednesday by Community Board 2. Comment

Triple-threat Cyclones coverage


Cyclones storm into season


Cyclones storm into season

Cyclones: The Brooklyn Cyclones are on pace to go 76–0. Comment

Zach is back! ‘Lutz the Klutz’ shows what he can do

Ups & Downs: Now we know why we were so excited about Zach Lutz on Opening Day last year! Plus items on Sandy the Seagull and a two-handed Yankee pitcher. Comment

A tale of two boroughs

Play’s the Thing: Queens and Brooklyn are rivals on the diamond, but for Cyclones fans, this is the best of times. Comment

In the mix

In the mix

Nightlife: Julie Reiner is a cocktail rock star. The Park Slope resident owns a set of swanky Manhattan lounges and is known worldwide for her spirit smarts and magical mixing. But when it came time to launch her next project, Reiner looked no further than her own backyard for a place to serve more of her high-class cocktails. Comment
Art: A photograph of a life-size, fake deer stares mournfully at us from a tiny yard in Carroll Gardens. Bits of moss and grass, collected from all over the borough, are pressed into abstract collage that is literally Brooklyn on paper. These are just a couple of artworks featured in “Brooklyn Au Natural” — a visual exploration of the interface between nature and the city — a show which opened at the Safe-T-Gallery in DUMBO on Thursday. Comment

Your family

In fact, Teen Spirit needs his space

Smartmom: Smartmom was fretting over her teenager’s long absences until she learned that it’s all normal. Comments (3)

Mo Willems bails on our borough and heads north

Brooklyn Angle: The beloved kids author and Brooklyn fixture has moved to Massachusetts from Park Slope, the neighborhood that served as his creative font for more than 15 years. Comments (1)

Free condoms

Downtown: Trojan was handing out free condoms in Downtown Brooklyn on Friday, June 13, 2008 — so we sent summer associate Marie Cunningham to get the story and some condoms. Comment

CIRCUS comes to town!

Dooley Noted: There is a small miracle taking place on the Red Hook waterfront — CIRCUSundays at the Barge Museum. Comments (1)

Graduation special!

Parenting: It’s that time of the year again, folks — graduation season has come and gone. But before we send the newly minted grads out into the real world (or, “The Real World” on MTV — filming next month on Willoughby Street!), let’s recap how our area’s major colleges and universities honored the class of 2008. Comments (1)

Family calendar

Parenting: All the fun and games for you and your family. Comments (1)

The happy (DUMBO) couple

DUMBO: At least one prime DUMBO property is officially off the market — real-estate developer Jed Walentas got hitched. Comments (1)
Bridge ‘Park’: The Floating Pool in the Brooklyn Bridge Park site was cool for swimmers last summer — but this year, the park will make a big splash with art lovers. Comments (1)

Montague on grass!

Montague on grass!

Brooklyn Heights: Montague Street could look more like Paris than Brooklyn Heights, thanks to a plan to close the street on Sundays in July, put out café tables and even install a lawn. Comments (3)

Get lit

Books: Get out your hardcovers and smudge-proof autograph pens, because the celebrity riddled Brooklyn Book Festival will show its spine on Sept. 14. Comment
Bay Ridge: Frank Powers, the presumptive Republican candidate for the Bay Ridge congressional seat being vacated by disgraced GOP lawmaker Vito Fossella, introduced himself to the public days after national Democratic Party officials made the rare move of endorsing Staten Island Councilman Mike McMahon in his intra-party primary. Comments (1)

Tasty restaurant gossip

Breaking Chews: We’re dishing up Brooklyn’s latest food news! Comments (1)

Pols want more Yards scrutiny

Atlantic Yards: State legislators want to take oversight of Atlantic Yards away from a state development agency controlled by the governor’s appointees and give it to … a new agency controlled only slightly less by the governor’s appointees. Comments (3)

Victory docs can’t help car wreck victims

Bay Ridge: Doctors at the soon-to-close Victory Memorial Hospital couldn’t help the victims of a brutal car wreck in front of the 92nd Street medical center on Friday morning — because they weren’t allowed to. Comments (3)

‘Green Chuch’ fans in Ridge seek Golden rule from Marty

Bay Ridge: The preservationists fighting to save the so-called “Green Church” are calling on a higher power to rescue Ovington Avenue’s emerald house of worship — state Sen. Marty Golden. Comments (3)

Windows We Are: School we are not!

Bay Ridge: This land is your land — and that land is my land, says the owner of the Bay Ridge glass shop Windows We Are. Comment

What’s up, doc?

Park Slope: New York Methodist Hospital has a new urology chief — and you gotta check out this photo! Comment

Ridge market battle goes co-op

Bay Ridge: In grocery-starved Bay Ridge, shopping is about to become a team effort. Comments (6)

Hysterical fiction

Hysterical fiction

Books: Despite sipping Earl Grey tea, like one of the characters in her debut novel might do, Ann Herendeen isn’t your average romance novelist. “Phyllida and the Brotherhood of Philander,” Herendeen’s first novel, takes place in England in 1812, but the characters aren’t unrecognizable to Brooklynites today. Comment

Fit camp

Fitness: Most people think of the Brooklyn Bridge as a landmark and traffic thoroughfare, but for Ariane Hundt, the 125-year-old icon had even more untapped potential. Comments (3)

Crook on wheels gets handbag

Park Slope: A British lady out for a stroll on June 15 lost her beloved Voo Doo Dolls green shoulder bag to a mustachioed crook on a bike. Plus all the other crime news from Park Slope’s 78th Precinct. Comment

Shots misfired

Carroll Gardens: Police arrested a teenager on Dwight Street on June 10 after a witness reported the young man was showing off a firearm and only later did the cops discover the hooligan had tried to blow them away. Plus all the other crime news from Red Hook, Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill’s 76th Precinct. Comment

Criminal minded

Fort Greene: A hoodlum abandoned his effort to rob a woman inside a Clinton Avenue apartment building on June 8 after first roughing her up in a stairwell. Plus all the other crime news from Fort Greene and Clinton Hill’s 88th Precinct. Comment

‘Kong’ queen

Theater: Like a giant gorilla tearing up the streets of New York, Pamela Sneed’s one-woman show — “Kong,” at Bath Beach’s Harry Warren Theater through June 29 — is taking on and tearing down the passivity and lack of responsibility that she said define theater today. Comment

Sidekicks are turning into a thief’s best friend

Downtown: At least two more punks stole the popular Sidekick cellphones last week. Cops said the phones are lucrative for robbers because it is easy to reuse them by just buying a new data card. Plus all the other crime news from Brooklyn Heights, Downtown, Boerum Hill and DUMBO’s 84th Precinct. Comment

Gunpoint, Bklyn

Williamsburg: Masked gunmen mugged three women as they walked home from a bar on June 15. Plus all the crime news from Greenpoint and Williamsburg’s 94th Precinct. Comments (1)

Unreal estate

Williamsburg: A crooked real-estate broker scammed a Manhattan woman out of $2,300 that she thought would help her secure a Thames Street apartment. Plus all the crime news from Williamsburg and Bushwick’s 90 Precinct. Comments (1)

Young thugs

Bensonhurst: A threesome went on a mini-crime spree on June 11. Plus all the crime news from Bensonhurst’s 62nd Precinct. Comment

Bad breaks

Bay Ridge: It was a big week for burglary, with at least five break-ins. Plus all the other crime news from Bay Ridge’s 68th Precinct. Comment

Topiary terror

Crime: Shrub-hating vandals overturned foliage at a Bergen Street building on June 14. Plus all the other crime news from Prospect Heights’ 77th Precinct. Comment

Garden party

Garden party

Shopping: On most days, Prospect Heights boutique Harriet’s Alter Ego wears two hats — store and art gallery — but on Saturday, the shop will be wearing (and selling) just a few more. Comment

Mural is fant-Aztec!

Mural is fant-Aztec!

DUMBO: A new Mexican-themed mural has DUMBO speaking a new language. Comments (2)

Once again, our Wal-Mart editorial provokes ire, praise

Letters: The mailbag is filled with letters about Wal-Mart, the Prospect Park bridle path, and the ongoing hot-dog contest controversy. Comments (1)

Be the star

Be the star

Theater: According to actress Gyda Arber, the only thing more attractive to an audience than seeing a star is being one. Comment

CB2 parking: Hey, what about us?

Downtown: Downtown Brooklyn won’t get new alternate-side parking regulations until at least the fall — after the city finally finishes installing new signs in Park Slope that have allowed that neighborhood to have a parking reprieve all summer. Comment
Williamsburg: All it takes is a ton of cash and a dream to save an old Con Ed power plant — and so far, all they’ve got is the dream. Comments (1)

This park’s for the dogs

This park’s for the dogs

Fort Greene: The persistent pack of dog-owners who want a dog run in historic Fort Greene Park are still barking up the wrong tree. Comments (2)

Send in the Clones

Cyclones: The Cyclones began their quest for New York–Penn League greatness on Tuesday night with a 3–1 win over their hated rivals, the Staten Island Yankees. Join Gersh Kuntzman and Vince DiMiceli in the Eye of the Storm. Comment

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