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Coney Island rides again!

Coney Island rides again!

Coney Island: Amusement operators will unleash the Cyclone and whirl the Wonder Wheel nearly a month early for what may well be the last summer on Coney Island as we know it. Comment
Development: The highest-priced apartment with the biggest balcony in the tallest building in Brooklyn is now on sale — for just $6 million! — at the borough’s iconic Williamsburgh Savings Bank building. Comments (1)

Spitz in your face: Are all men pigs?

Vox Pop: Reports that Gov. Eliot Spitzer hired prostitutes was the talk of political insiders all week. But the man on the street — in this case, the woman on the street — was talking about the story a little differently. Our inquiring photographer asked Brooklyn woman a simple question, “Would all men cheat on their wives if they knew they could get away with it?” Comments (1)

Bloomy pay-to-park plan pulls pols

Bloomy in the ’Hood: Mayor Bloomberg unveiled a residential parking permit plan to bolster his controversial proposal to charge Manhattan-bound drivers a “congestion-pricing” fee — and the permits quickly had the desired effect, swaying two ambivalent Brooklyn lawmakers toward supporting the bill. Comments (1)

The Red Hook vendors are back!

Red Hook: The famed food Latino vendors will return to Red Hook Park this spring, ending months of indigestion caused when the Parks Department invited outside operators to bid on the decades-old taco, empanada and papusa destination. Comment

All drawn out

Cartoon: The Red Hook food vendors are saved – and Sen. Chuck Schumer, a supporter, is overjoyed! Comment

Better off dead?

The city has banned one of Brooklyn’s largest animal foster groups from saving dogs and cats from euthanasia in city shelters, sparking an outcry among animal lovers from Park Slope to Williamsburg. Comments (25)

Faith in Brooklyn

Hare today — and tomorrow?

Carroll Gardens: A Carroll Gardens church is reviving a secular Holy Week tradition — a visit from the Easter bunny — after a one-year hiatus. Comment

Happy Easter — now, and next month, too!

While Brooklyn parishioners from Grace Church in Brooklyn Heights to Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church in Fort Greene dye eggs and festoon hats in preparation for Easter next Sunday, March 23, thousands of Eastern Orthodox families must wait another five weeks to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. Comment

The Latest Development News

State begins demolition at Brooklyn Bridge ‘Park’ — then tells the press after the fact.

Bridge ‘Park’: Demolition of Brooklyn Bridge ‘Park’ begins. Comments (3)

NYU lands in Bklyn

Downtown: New York University has planted its flag in Brooklyn — and now students must pay. Comments (1)

Study: Buses will get people to ‘Park’

Bridge ‘Park’: Bus them and they will come. Transportation experts went back to the future to find ways to get more people to the remote Brooklyn Bridge Park — the 85-acre open space, commercial and condo development planned for the DUMBO and Brooklyn Heights waterfront — and what they came up with is straight out of early 20th-century urban planning. Comments (1)

Hot Smith property

Carroll Gardens: Talk about a fixer-upper! This sealed-up building on a hot Smith Street corner will someday be more than just a dead zone, thanks to a just-announced plan by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to sell it to the highest bidder. Comments (1)
Williamsburg: A developer is rushing to tear down this old North 10th Street warehouse and dig the foundation for his 25-unit luxury condo tower before June 30, when new rules kick in that require developers to include affordable housing if they want to receive a construction subsidy. Comments (1)

George Washington may retake Park Slope’s J.J. Byrne Park

Park Slope: In a bid to rewrite a wrongly re-written history, a group of Park Slopers wants to change the name of J.J. Byrne Park so that it re-honors its original namesake — the one and only George Washington. Comments (3)

PS 230 would erase volunteer to honor unsung Civil War ‘hero’

Kensington: A local school is on the verge of dishonoring its namesake in favor of a kid killed in the Civil War. Comments (4)

Other Voices

Character does count

Editorial: The personal is political. That old 1960s-era women’s movement mantra comes to mind anew, thanks to the abrupt resignation of Gov. Spitzer. Comments (1)

Should Marty run?

Politics: Borough President Markowitz just fell behind Police Commissioner Ray Kelly in the second (still early) mayoral poll. Now is the time when Brooklyn voters’ voices need to be heard: Should Marty run? Vote here.
Yes No

Reader poll

No end to BQE crashes in sight

Cobble Hill: The state has no plans to improve a dangerous entrance to the Brooklyn–Queens Expressway despite an accident rate that’s six times higher than average, The Brooklyn Paper has learned. Comments (2)

Williamsburg and Greenpoint are Brooklyn’s whine regions

Williamsburg: Williamsburg and Greenpoint residents are the biggest complainers in the borough, new statistics show — and the data has locals wondering who is doing all the whining. Comments (3)

Atlantic Yards Coverage

Brooklyn Museum honors Ratner

Atlantic Yards: Controversial Atlantic Yards developer Bruce Ratner has bought himself the Brooklyn Museum’s highest honor, nabbing the institution’s illustrious Augustus Graham Award thanks to his financial contributions to the arts, The Brooklyn Paper has learned. Comments (3)

Another Ratner lie! Gehry was not ‘born in Brooklyn’

Atlantic Yards: Atlantic Yards developer Bruce Ratner has been caught in another lie: His star architect Frank Gehry was not born in Brooklyn, as Ratner has long claimed. Comments (2)

About Adams


About Adams

TV: If politicians think they have a hard life in 2008, they need to watch HBO’s “John Adams” miniseries, starring Brooklyn Heights’ own Paul Giamatti, to feel ashamed. Comment

Green acres

Event: With St. Patrick’s Day falling on Monday, March 17 and the first day of spring arriving on March 20, there’s plenty to celebrate this week. From the must-see parades in Park Slope and Bay Ridge to the bars and restaurants throwing parties borough-wide, this St. Patrick’s Day has a whole lot of revelry options. Comment

Bawdy to the bone

Theater: Watching a burlesque show in some bars can be terrifying; get too close to a flying tassel in a small lounge and you could lose an eye! But Royale, a dim, sultry lounge on Park Slope’s Fifth Avenue, is the perfect venue for one of Pinchbottom Burlesque’s risque dance revues. In fact, the bar built a new stage specifically for the event. Comment

Neighborhood Columnists

The tropic of Williamsburg

Beside the Point: Save Henry Miller’s boyhood home! Comment

Sex: It was always thus

PS … I Love You: The latest sex scandal reminds our columnist of a classic Slope affair. Comment

Kitchen confidential

TV: Growing up, Nikki Cascone loved attending Little Italy’s annual San Gennaro festival, feasting on zeppoles hot out of the deep fryer. What she didn’t know back then was that in 2005, she’d open her own restaurant in Nolita, where the Sheepshead Bay native now serves a more sophisticated variety of her old favorite: zeppoles with warm chocolate sauce and homemade vanilla bean ice cream. Comments (2)

Swastika man moonlighted for NYPD

Downtown: The man charged with defacing Remsen Street buildings and cars with swastikas was reportedly working as an informant for the NYPD. As you might imagine, prosecutors had to dismiss that case! Comments (1)

GUNMAN! Man in easy-to-spot jacket pulls gun on two

Park Slope: Two Park Slope women had run-ins with the same style-challenged gunmen in separate incidents on March 4, cops said. Comments (3)
Downtown: A legendary Brooklyn Heights restaurant will turn off its lights for the last time this week, unplugging an iconic sign that has cast a neon glow on Montague Street for decades. Comments (1)

Tasty restaurant gossip

Breaking Chews: We’re dishing up Brooklyn’s latest food news. Comments (2)

Marauder, striking in Slope, grabs gal’s purse

Park Slope: A perp jumped a woman and fled in a bad-ass car. Plus all the other crime news from Park Slope’s 78th Precinct. Comment

Give it up

Carroll Gardens: Two men mugged a woman on Degraw Street. Plus all the other crime news from Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens and Boerum Hill’s 76th Precinct. Comment

Purse slip

Bensonhurst: A thief stole a woman’s pocketbook as she shopped in a Bay Parkway department store on March 7. Plus all the other crime news from Bensonhurst’s 62nd Precinct. Comment

Fake cops

Williamsburg: Three gun-toting criminals impersonated cops late on March 3, invading a woman’s home and making off with $30,000 in cash and valuables. Plus all the other crime news from Williamsburg and Bushwick’s 90th Precinct. Comment

Bank heist

Williamsburg: A bandit stole $5,000 from a bank on Manhattan Avenue. Plus all the other crime news from Williamsburg and Greenpoint’s 94th Precinct. Comment

Euripides rocks

Theater: New Downtown Brooklyn theater company brings an punk-tinged production of “Iphigenia” to the stage. Comments (2)

Teenage girls mug another

Fort Greene: Four teenage girls mugged another teen heading home from school on March 3 at the corner of Hanson and South Elliott places. Plus all the other crime news from Fort Greene and Clinton Hill’s 88th Precinct. Comments (1)

Drive-by mugging

Bay Ridge: A mugger grabbed a woman’s purse on 74th Street just after midnight on March 7. Plus all the other crime news from Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights’ 68th Precinct. Comment

Victory marches on

Bay Ridge: A rushed shutdown of Bay Ridge’s beleaguered Victory Memorial Hospital was thwarted last week when state officials released more than $1 million to pay the staff. Comments (2)

Hits and runs

Prospect Heights: There were at least two hit-and-runs in the neighborhood last week, cops said. Plus all the other crime news from Prospect Heights’s 77th Precinct. Comment

He’s a ‘slave 4 U’

Theater: Straight from her latest barely clothed fiasco, Britney Spears is coming to New York. On Sunday, March 16, “TimberBrit,” an opera telling the (as yet) fictional story of the rekindled love between Spears and her former beau Justin Timberlake, will receive its world premiere. Comment

Rock ‘n’ write

Music: As the frontman for indie rock bands like Luna and Galaxie 500, Dean Wareham has logged countless hours in a van on tour. But now that he’s released his first book, “Black Postcards: A Rock ‘n’ Roll Romance,” Wareham is rolling into Park Slope in high style. Comment

Bloomy praises Fort Hamilton HS

Bloomy in the ’Hood: Mayor Bloomberg joined Fort Hamilton HS Principal Jo Ann Chester last Thursday to celebrate the school’s arts education program — but not everyone found the mayor’s speech scintillating. Kenneth Lai, a Fort Hamilton HS junior, devoted as much attention as he could spare. Comments (2)
Park Slope: The $60-million renovation of Prospect Park’s rundown skating rink into a multi-purpose, year-round venue took a small step closer to reality last week, thanks to a private donation of $1.5 million — the first outside grant for the ambitious project. Comment

Drip master

Park Slope: A nifty new piece of art shows up in the Slope. Comment

Ridgites complain: too many cellphones!

Bay Ridge: Protestors in Bay Ridge are angry about their cellphones — but they’re not screaming for better service. In fact, they want less coverage! Comment

Your family

What are Smartmom’s dealbreakers?

Smartmom: Eliot Spitzer’s alleged prostitution habit has Smartmom wondering what it would take before she left Hepcat. Comments (1)

Family Calendar

Parenting: All the action for you and your kids! Comment

Civic Calendar

All the important meetings you should be going to. Comment

Free for all!

In the spirit of encouraging a free exchange of ideas, The Brooklyn Paper makes this space available to our readers. Comment

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