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‘Park’ meeting rescheduled!

Now it can be told: the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy postponed this Tuesday night’s public meeting about future programming in the proposed park because The Brooklyn Paper is so damn good. Comment

Ride on! Sitt gives Coney Island fave Astroland a new lease on life

Coney Island: Astroland — the beloved Coney Island amusement park that supposedly closed shop for good this fall — has gotten a one-year stay of execution. Comment

Apprehended! Second chalker nabbed by cops

Brooklyn Angle: Our columnist decides that the city’s crackdown on sidewalk chalk “vandals” has now officially gone too far. Comments (8)

We threw a lemon and Maggie made lemonade

Maggie Gyllenhaal has finally commented on The Brooklyn Paper’s most-controversial cover ever: “This is terrible,” she said. Comments (1)

F express derailed … again

Necessary track work on the F train will make it impossible to create the much-dreamed-of express service on the line for at least another five years. Comment

Is G’point good for you?

Beside the Point: Our columnist actually read the recent EPA study — and it has some shocking (and healthy) news buried inside. Comments (11)

Fish to multiply in cleaner Gowanus

Carroll Gardens: The Gowanus Canal will become a hot-sheets motel for area fish, thanks to cleanup measures proposed by the city. Comments (2)

Atlantic Yards Coverage

Gays won’t shack up with Bruce

Atlantic Yards: A prominent gay and lesbian political club came out against Bruce Ratner’s Atlantic Yards mega-development on Monday night — even as the developer and Borough President Markowitz are still discussing creating a gay community center in a Ratner-owned building Downtown. Comments (1)

Green building goes dark; Yards shadows KO plan for solar power

Atlantic Yards: A cadre of local elected officials broke ground on what will be Brooklyn’s largest eco-friendly residential development to date — but the solar panels that were to be the building’s crowning element had to be scrapped because they would never get light once the Atlantic Yards project is completed across the street. Comments (1)
Checkin’ in with: The Brooklyn–Queens Expressway has been the backdrop for endless frustration — and plenty of car horn symphonies — but now it’s inspired a legit music composition by indie rock superstar Sufjan Stevens. Comments (1)

Blood bath

Blood bath

Cinema: Slopers go slasher with ‘Murder Party’ flick. Just in time for Halloween parties, this Williamsburg-based gore fest is released on DVD. Comment


Oh, Dear: Gays almost endorse a Republican!

Politics: How much do gays and lesbians despise Civil Court judicial candidate Noach Dear? One group of queer activists actually considered endorsing Dear’s Republican-Conservative opponent this week. Comment

Hakeem hits Nas for ‘N’ word

Fort Greene: Behemoth record label Universal Music Group must change the name of rapper Nas’s new album, “Nigger,” or risk losing $84 million in state investments, a Fort Greene assemblyman said this week. Comments (34)

Playing squash

Playing squash

Dining: As Halloween approaches, foodies know that October marks the beginning of squash season. The Greenmarket tables, only recently laden with peaches and berries, now groan beneath the weight of butternut, blue Hubbard and, of course, the most famous squash of them all: the pumpkin. For us, the question right now is not what to be, but what to eat and where. Comment

An L of a good time!

An L of a good time!

Williamsburg: Who doesn’t like Mondays? The much-ballyhooed expansion of service on the L train — long sought by Billyburgers and Greenpointers — will start with the first rush-hour of the work week. Comment

Alter egos

Vox Pop: Our intrepid reporter asks DUMBO pedestrians: What will you be for Halloween? Comment
Carroll Gardens: Diehard fans of tacos, huaraches and papusas flocked to Red Hook last weekend to get a taste of history and, in between mouthfuls, wonder whether the Latin-American vendors who have sold their tasty fare for three decades will be allowed to return next year. Comments (1)

Methodist gives back parking

Park Slope: Methodist Hospital has backtracked on a plan that would have turned 30 neighborhood parking spots into a “no-standing” zone reserved for ambulances — quickly defusing an ugly confrontation with nearby residents. Comments (2)

Council trims Two Trees plan

Carroll Gardens: A Council subcommittee on Tuesday turned down a controversial proposal by a powerful developer to build apartments at the corner of Atlantic Avenue and Court Street, the first step towards a full rejection of a building that sought to become the first exception to 50-foot height limit of the Cobble Hill Historic District. Comment

Other Voices

Big step forward for Downtown

Editorial: A plan for retail stores in the ground floor of the Municipal Building is a major step in the right direction towards revitalizing the entire area — a common-sense move long resisted by Metrotech builder Bruce Ratner. Comments (1)

Once again, the world reacts to ‘Graffiti Girl’

Letters: Our letters column has lots of interesting missives about the 6-year-old graffiti girl, the greatness of Park Slope, the new “green” Galapagos art center, two new old-style clocks on Flatbush Avenue, our Big Turkey Thanksgiving Dinner contest, the Khalil Gibran International Academy, an adult toy shop on Fifth Avenue and our Bay Ridge columnist Matthew Lysiak. Comment

All drawn out

Cartoon: Our cartoonist’s take. Comment

How about a ‘thank you’ for Smartmom?

Smartmom: Smartmom learns first-hand that no good deed goes unpunished online. Comment

Neighborhood Columnists

In defense of the Food Co-op

PS … I Love You: A British guy mocks the Food Co-op as Soviet. Our columnist mans the Kremlin walls! Comment

Big plans for Canal’s future

Brooklyn South: Our columnist gets the scoop on a local plan for the future of the Gowanus Canal zone. Comments (1)

Bicycle rider reads riot act

Greene Acres: Our columnist — a biker — gets angry about the bike-lane controversy in Fort Greene. Comments (1)

Delving into Ridge stench

Yellow Hooker: Our columnist gets to the bottom of the stench at Owls Head. Comment

Heights cars hurt bicyclists

Heights Lowdown: The Heights is no place for a bicyclist, our columnist finds. Comment

Don’t act, don’t tell

Don’t act, don’t tell

Theater: David and Joseph Zellnik’s new musical, “Yank!,” now at the Gallery Players, is one of the most heartening theatrical experiences in years. This original production boldly highlights what history books have long left out — stories about being gay in the military. Comment

Municipal mall

Municipal mall

Downtown plan: Brooklyn’s dour Municipal Building — where generations of lovers have gotten their marriage licenses and tax scofflaws have paid their fines — will ground-floor shops on Court Street under a plan being pushed by the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership. Comment

Thief held phone for ransom, but police officers got the reward

Williamsburg: Police arrested a 28-year-old man after he allegedly stole a cellphone in the L train station at Montrose Avenue and later held it for ransom. Plus all the other crime news from Williamsburg and Bushwick’s 90th Precinct. Comment

Rip diamond earrings, 2 golden pig

Bay Ridge: A 43-year-old woman said she returned to her 80th Street apartment to find three sharply dressed Asian men plundering her rare jewelry and liquor on Oct. 18. Plus all the crime news from Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights and Bensonhurst. Comments (1)

Owls head stinks, but it won’t kill

Bay Ridge: The odors coming out of the Owls Head Water Pollution plant may never fully be contained — but, a new study reveals the good news: that smell won’t kill you! Comment

Tasty restaurant gossip

Breaking Chews: We're dishing up Brooklyn's latest food news. Comments (1)

The good stuff

Park Slope pet owners beware; the ‘Carnivorous Nights Taxidermy Contest’ hits Union Hall on Nov. 2. Comment

Hoods beat up deliveryman at Eighth Ave and P’Park West

Park Slope: A humble deliveryman was beaten and robbed after dropping off food at an apartment on Seventh Street on Oct. 14. Plus all the other crime news from Park Slope’s 78th Precinct. Comment

Game over

Downtown: Offices throughout DUMBO continue to be victimized by opportunistic thieves who are stealing computers right and left. Plus all the other crime news from Downtown, Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO’s 84th Precinct. Comment

Rear window

Fort Greene: Someone was making mischief all over Fort Greene last week, as three rear windows were broken, although very little was actually stolen, and another car was broken into and robbed. Plus all the crime news from Fort Greene and Clinton Hill’s 88th Precinct. Comment

A show for the bird

Waiting in the Wings: The Seagull’ comes to Brooklyn College, and more Brooklyn theater picks Comment

Armed robbery at C’Gardens job site

Carroll Gardens: An 18-year-old woman was attacked by a large group of men in broad daylight Smith Street on Oct. 16. Plus all the crime news from Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, Boerum Hill and Red Hook’s 76th Precinct. Comment
Bloomy in the ’Hood: There was no October surprise for state Sen. Marty Golden — but he sure raised a lot of money at his fundraiser last week. Comment

Language arts

Music: Even if you don’t speak Spanish, you shouldn’t have a problem understanding Dani “Macaco” Carbonell. The Barcelona-based pop star is making his first stop in the borough as part of the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s “New Voices from Spain” program on Oct. 27, and according to him, music transcends language. Comments (1)

Day-care center in a bind;

Day-care center in a bind;

Park Slope: A Windsor Terrace mom has landed in a puddle of bureaucratic spit-up in her effort to open an affordably priced pre-school in the heart of the South Slope — a neighborhood notoriously devoid of day-care options. Comments (1)

Hipsters’ parents get rooms of their own

Williamsburg: If you want your parents to visit you in Williamsburg this holiday season, but you don’t want their stay to interfere with your band’s rehearsal in the living room, then your life is about to become simpler in the next few weeks when Hotel Le Jolie becomes the first hotel in North Brooklyn. Comment

City: Help us kill this bug

Williamsburg: The city is reminding homeowners not to throw out wood, lest the Asian Longhorned Beetle continue to thrive. Comment

Graffiti busters on 7th

Bay Ridge: Ridge volunteers take on graffiti — the real kind. Comments (3)

Marathon traffic for VZ

Bay Ridge: Runners aren’t the only ones dreading next weekend’s New York City Marathon. Comment

DOT considers Ridge ferry

Bay Ridge: One resident’s against-the-tide crusade to return ferry service to the 69th Street pier may finally be hitting smoother waters. Comment

It’s no picnic on Front St.

Downtown: Those picnic tables at Front Street Pizza, which have been providing a spot for noshers since showing up unannounced four weeks ago, will disappear as soon as the weather gets nasty, said owner Larry Leonardi. Comments (1)

Brooklyn Tech gets high tech

Fort Greene: Teachers at Brooklyn Tech — the largest math and science themed school in the city — are getting schooled in, well, technology. Comments (1)

Bridge Park people ready to listen

Bridge ‘Park’: Leaders of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy want you to help decide what kind of recreational activities should be available when the proposed park is finally built. Comments (4)

A bar needs help

Williamsburg: Triple Crown annoyed neighbors for months with its loud music — but now the bar is holding a benefit concert on Sunday to pay for all the repairs it made to keep the noise down. Comment

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All the important meetings you should be going to. Comment

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Parenting: All the action for you and your kids! Comment

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In the spirit of encouraging a free exchange of ideas, The Brooklyn Paper makes this space available to our readers. Comment

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