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Brooklyn Angle: Last week’s 6-year-old graffiti “vandal” is still fighting a city warning letter demanding that she remove her sidewalk chalk drawing from her front stoop. Comments (21)

‘History’ rewrites itself

Politics: Someone is re-writing history by altering Councilman Bill DeBlasio’s Wikipedia page — and the culprit is someone inside city government. Comments (1)

Mind your tempeh

Mind your tempeh

Dining: V-Spot sibs hope boro-wide celebration appeals to veggie virgins. Comments (2)

Gibran founder asks to run school

Debbie Almontaser, the founder and former principal of the city’s first Arabic language and culture academy — who was forced to resign this summer over her failure to immediately condemn a T-shirt bearing the slogan “Intifada NYC” — will not be given a chance to get her job back as part of the ongoing search for a new leader for the school. Comment

Vendors’ season ends

Carroll Gardens: This weekend may be your last chance to bite into a freshly made Honduran papusa at the Red Hook ballfields. Comment

Almontaser speaks!

The Brooklyn Paper offers an unedited transcript of a statement read by former Khalil Gibran Academy Principal Debbie Almontaser on Tuesday. Comment

Atlantic Yards Coverage

Rent-stabilized tenants fail in anti–Atlantic Yards bid

Atlantic Yards: A group of rent-stabilized residents in the Atlantic Yards footprint has lost the latest battle in the war to save their homes. Comment
Atlantic Yards: Three days after Newark residents learned that key streets around that city’s new glass-walled sports arena would be sealed off on game nights, residents of the Atlantic Yards footprint called on state officials to admit that the same frustrating scenario will likely happen in the heart of Brooklyn. Comment

Lowen’s raided — again!

Bay Ridge: Five months after drug enforcement authorities raided Lowen’s, the popular mom-and-pop pharmacy at the corner of Third Avenue and 69th Street, state investigators pounded down the doors again on Tuesday, this time seizing enough raw powder to make nearly a million doses of human growth hormone. Comments (1)

Cake Man is bakin’ good in the neighborhood

Dining: Cake Man Raven’s red velvet cakes will soon be sold at your local Applebee’s. Comments (1)

Not again: More swastikas — this time at Trader Joe’s!

Downtown: Vandals scrawled four swastikas in green marker on the side of the landmark Independence Bank on Atlantic Avenue last week (which is soon to house a Trader Joe’s market). Comments (2)

Haunted house

Haunted house

Theater: Ride Rep’s ‘Gillian’ is a great ghost story. Comments (1)

Lady sings

Lady sings

Music: Brooklyn sigs the blues with second ‘Big Eyed Blues Festival.’ Comment

Spoiled fruit: Rossman’s hit for stiffing workers

One of Brooklyn’s best-kept secrets for cheap fruits and vegetables may be forced to raise its stunning low prices after the Labor Department ordered it to pay nearly $700,000 in back wages to workers who were not paid minimum wage and overtime. Comments (2)

He is the walrus (Akituusaq, that is)

The public has spoken and it has said a mouthful: Akituusaq. That’s the new name of the baby walrus at the New York Aquarium, as selected by viewers of the “Today” show. Comment

Veg’ing out

Dining: Adam Rathe chats with the Brooklyn Vegan about what it takes to be animal-free in the borough. Comment

Soul food to Gage & Tollner site

Downtown: Amy Ruth’s, a Harlem soul food restaurant known for a fried chicken-and-waffles dish named after Al Sharpton, will open a second location at the landmark Gage & Tollner site on the Fulton Mall. Comment
Williamsburg: Those damn beautiful-but-fragile Bradford pear trees have become a nuisance on Graham Avenue. Comment

City set to prune back Union Street planters

Park Slope: The city has ordered 10 planters to be removed from Union Street — part of a crackdown on thousands of miniature cement parks citywide, The Brooklyn Paper has learned. Comment

Waiting in the wings

Waiting in the Wings: GO’s definitive guide to what’s next in local theater. Comment

Grave rave

Green-wood Cemetery to host spooky Halloween tours.  Comment

The queen of Halloween

The queen of Halloween

Fort Greene: Janna Kennedy Hyten, the queen of Halloween, has outdone herself already. Comment
Park Slope: Park Slope was just named one of the best neighborhoods in America. Eat it, Brooklyn Heights, Fort Greene, Cobble Hill and Bay Ridge! Comment

Just saying ‘no’ may have led to this big-time theft

Downtown: A woman who followed Nancy Reagan’s famous advice to “just say no” to drugs ended up being robbed of $4,400 in jewelry early on Oct. 12. Plus all the other crime news from Brooklyn Heights, DUMBO and Downtown’s 84th Precinct. Comment

Tasty restaurant gossip

Breaking Chews: We’re dishing up Brooklyn’s latest food news. Comments (1)

Lost his bread

Fort Greene: A routine stop for a man delivering baked goods to a Myrtle Avenue supermarket turned into an armed robbery on Oct. 8. Plus all the other crime news from Fort Greene and Clinton Hill’s 88th Precinct. Comment

Water rip-offs continue in the Hurst

Bay Ridge: Two more elderly people were robbed after they let in imposters who claimed they were there to check the water. Plus all the crime from Bay Ridge, Bensonhurst and Dyker Heights. Comment

She spilled a drink, so they stole bag

Park Slope: A woman spilled a drink on the wrong person at a Fifth Avenue restaurant and ended up having her bag stolen by the angry and sopping wet spill victim. Plus all the crime news from Park Slope’s 78th Precinct. Comment

Maujer Street break-in sends senior to hospital

Williamsburg: A hooligan scared an 80-year-old woman so badly that she needed an ambulance after the 16-year-old suspect broke into her apartment in the middle of the day on Oct. 15. Plus all the other crime news from Williamsburg and Bushwick’s 90th Precinct. Comment
Bay Ridge: Talk about an extreme makeover! Three elegant Victorian homes on 74th Street have been reduced to rubble — and will be replaced by five, three-family townhouses, according to the Basile Builders Group, which owns the property. Comment

Neighborhood Columnists

Take this area history quiz!

Beside the Point: Our columnist offers a pop quiz for people who think they know North Brooklyn. Comments (1)

Gripping tale at robbed bar

Brooklyn South: Our columnist’s friend helped nab a wanted bar robber. Here’s the saga. Comment

Victorian era ends in Ridge?

Yellow Hooker: Local activists are asking if the destruction of three beloved Bay Ridge Victorian homes is the beginning of a broader trend. Well, this columnist has an answer — let’s hope so! Comments (1)

They all want me dead now

PS … I Love You: Why do all the drivers — and some bikers — want to destroy our bike-commuting editor? Comments (1)

‘Model’ landlord is tenant-tough

Greene Acres: Our columnist finds that the Pratt Area Community Council doesn’t always practice what it preaches. Comments (2)

Eating veg is good — but where?

Heights Lowdown: Brooklyn Vegetarian Week is all well and good, but the Heights doesn’t have any vegetarian restaurants! Comments (2)

Pretty criminal

Carroll Gardens: A truck driver learned the hard way never to trust a flirt when a younger woman offered to share a drink with him — then stole a computer from his parked rig before the first sip was taken. Plus all the crime news from Carroll Gardens, Red Hook and Cobble Hill’s 76th Precinct. Comment

City plan is ferry good in Williamsburg

Williamsburg: The city is sifting through several proposals from ferry operators to shuttle commuters between Manhattan and at least three stops in Williamsburg and Greenpoint, an effort that the city hopes will reduce congestion on the roads and also on the overloaded G and L trains. Comments (2)
Art: Galapagos Art Space — that hipster haven on North Sixth Street that has been Williamsburg’s home to outsider performance art since 2003 — is moving to DUMBO next year, and when it does, it’s going to be green. Comments (1)

Other Voices

Smartmom and OSFO love ‘Gossip Girl’

Perspective: Smartmom and her daughter are addicted to the new show, “Gossip Girl.” It’s like “The O.C.,” only better (it’s in Brooklyn!). Comments (1)

GAPco leader demands: Take me to your editor!

Letters: Our mailbag groans under the weight of letters about Grand Army Plaza, pay-to-play politics in the City Council, The Paper’s Atlantic Yards editorial and New York University’s proposed merger with Polytechnic University. Comment

America speaks: Graffiti Girl proves NY stinks

Letters: The Brooklyn Paper received more e-mails and comments regarding its front page story on 6-year-old “graffiti” vandal Natalie Shea than on any story in its 30-year history (“New face of vandalism,” Oct. 13). True, the ease of Internet communication and the nature of modern blogging played a role, but there’s no question that Shea’s story touched people in ways in which they are not usually touched. Here’s a sampling from our mailbag. Comments (6)

Never say diet

Dining: Our writer attempts to shed pounds & detox with star advisor’s cleansing liquid diet. Comments (6)

The meatheads cometh

Nightlife: Hipsters fret as Williamsburg welcomes its first sports bar. Comments (2)

Coming to terms

Dining: GO’s glossary for pesky vegetarian verbage. Comment

Go Gowanus

Go Gowanus

Art: Art festival washes up on the banks of the canal. Comment

Inconvenience pays: Movie crew tosses dough around Heights

Downtown: Who said Hollywood types are heartless: after turning Brooklyn Heights into their own back lot, the Coen Brothers have started spreading some major green throughout the neighborhood. Comments (1)

Two Trees: All win with our tall building

Carroll Gardens: Neighborhood enhancement or a precedent-setting event that could destroy decades’ worth of historic preservation — you decide. Comment

Time for a change

Park Slope: Flatbush Avenue’s two Victorian-style street-clocks will tick-tock-tick again by the end of October. Comment

Thar she blows at the Navy Yard

Fort Greene: Brooklyn will soon have the honor of being home to the first building in the city to use wind turbines to harvest energy. Comment

Smith Street dojo’s got to go

Carroll Gardens: A 15-year-old martial arts school is being forced out of its Smith Street location by the end of the year, because its small operation can no longer afford one of Brooklyn’s hottest commercial corridors. Comment

Rogue sidewalk sale vexes Ridge

Bay Ridge: Two local merchants are under scrutiny for the “disgusting” display in front of their stores — they’re using the sidewalk as part of the selling floor, officials say. Comments (2)

CB1 to Navy Yard: Make ship shape!

Williamsburg: Williamsburg community board is going to war against the Navy Yard. Comment

The diary of Ann Castello

Bay Ridge: Our pal Ann Castello, a.k.a. the Bensonhurst Bubba, shared with us the diaries she started keeping (and still has!) when she was 11 years old in 1947. Comment

Gersh battles the bloggers

Our own editor, Gersh Kuntzman (left in photo), was again in the moderator’s chair for BCAT’s “Reporter Roundtable” this week — but instead of jousting with grizzled print veterans, Kuntzman faced down the blogerati of Brooklyn. Comment

Civic Calendar

All the important meetings you should be going to. Comment

Family Calendar

Parenting: All the action for you and your kids! Comments (1)

Free for all!

In the spirit of encouraging a free exchange of ideas, The Brooklyn Paper makes this space available to our readers. Comment

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