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Black leaders to Bruce: Pay us back!

Atlantic Yards: Two black leaders — both of whom support Atlantic Yards — have joined the chorus of critics saying that developer Bruce Ratner betrayed his black supporters by selling the naming rights to his proposed Nets arena to Barclays, a global investment firm that was founded by slave traders and did business with South Africa’s apartheid government. Roger Green — a former state Assemblyman — and successor Hakeem Jeffries are the latest lawmakers to come out against the deal. Comments (1)
Atlantic Yards: Community groups and schools will be paying a lot to rent Bruce Ratner’s arena when the Nets aren’t using it — an apparent pullback from the developer’s promise to make the arena available to local non-profit groups “at a reasonable rate.” Comment

Atlantic Yards documentary: A review

Atlantic Yards: Paper film critic Baker Hollingsworth reviews Isabel Hill’s documentary, “Brooklyn Matters,” on the eve of its Brooklyn debut on Jan. 31. Comments (1)

‘Four-Scored’: Laurie Anderson joins the Philharmonic at BAM

Music: “Different is what always appeals to me,” Laurie Anderson was saying the other day. “I’d choose [it] over beautiful anytime.”  Comment

Vox Pop: Ratner’s bank job

Atlantic Yards: Community groups and schools will be paying a lot to rent Bruce Ratner’s arena when the Nets aren’t using it — an apparent pullback from the developer’s promise to make the arena available to local non-profit groups “at a reasonable rate.” Comment

Call it Harriet Tubman Park

Editorial: Brooklyn missed a great opportunity when Bruce Ratner sold the naming rights to his Nets arena to a foreign bank with no connection to the borough. He should have named it Jackie Robinson Arena. With that damage done, The Paper is now calling on state officials to not make the same mistake at the so-called Brooklyn Bridge Park. It must be named “Harriet Tubman Park.” Comments (3)

All Drawn Out

Yards suit tries on a new tack; Lawyers claim state missed a deadline

Atlantic Yards: Opponents to Bruce Ratner’s Atlantic Yards have unveiled a new legal strategy that could bolster their battle against the state’s use of eminent domain to make way for the mega-development, legal experts said this week. Comment

Ratner’s ‘Blood Money’ fills the mailbag

Letters: Readers respond to last week’s story about Bruce Ratner’s deal with Barclays Bank, an institution with links to slavery, the Holocaust and apartheid. Comment

X-ray visions

X-ray visions

Art: Danny Simmons’s Corridor gallery exhibits art inspired by comics. Comment

DDDB Dialing for Dollars

Atlantic Yards: The anti–Atlantic Yards group Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn is reaching out and touching someone — someone’s wallet, that is. In a bid to pay off an ever-growing mountain of legal bills, the opposition group has undertaken a round of fundraising calls — even calling the Brooklyn Paper for cash (we declined, thanks). Comments (1)

Lights! Camera! Inaction!

Heights Lowdown: DUMBO: Star-gazers hanging around DUMBO and Brooklyn Heights in hopes of seeing Will Smith destroy evil vampires were sorely disappointed on Tuesday when all they got was bright lights in their eyes and noisy helicopters in their ears. Comment

Get your ‘Phil’: Brooklyn Philharmonic presents ‘Earth Awakened’

Music: Brooklyn Philharmonic adds a didgeridoo for new season opener. Comments (2)

Deflated! Viagra maker pulls out of Brooklyn

Pfizer, the drug giant best known for Viagra, will lay off all 600 workers at its Brooklyn plant, ending a relationship with the borough that dates back to 1849. The drug maker, which posted a $9.45-billion profit during the last quarter of last year, said it is will sack the workers as a cost-cutting move. Comment

Paper boy delivered!

The Paper is proud to announce its latest edition: Vince Michael DiMiceli was born at 2:29 am on Jan. 19 at Staten Island University Hospital. The nine-pound tot is the first child for GO Brooklyn Editor Lisa J. Curtis and Senior Editor Vince “Vinny” DiMiceli — two of the Brooklyn Paper’s longest-tenured (and award-winning) employees. Comment

Slime fighters: Spiffed-up Gowanus is closer to reality

Park Slope: The area around the filthy Gowanus Canal would be reborn with a restaurant atop the grimy Smith and Ninth street subway station, a public market under the viaduct near Lowe’s, “green” industries, new homes and, of course, a clean-flowing waterway under a plan released by an area community group this week. Comment

Toxins? What toxins?

Park Slope: Gowanus: Toxic soil along the Gowanus Canal cannot be cleaned — but don’t worry, the increasingly hot properties nearby will still be safe for some people to live on, state engineers said this week. Comment

Sad day for Carnival

Park Slope: Carlos Lezama, who turned Labor Day from a languid holiday into a full-fledged Carnival of steel drums, Caribbean delicacies, and dancers in skimpy costumes, died on Monday. He was 83. Comment

Take a hike: Experimental music, popular but tough to get to

Music: The clubs may be hard to find, but experimental music still makes noise in Brooklyn. Comments (1)

Real-estate broker censors art show

Carroll Gardens: A Brooklyn artist whose work is most typically displayed in real-estate offices is fighting back after one firm told him to remove four paintings because they were too controversial. The broker objected mostly to one painting, which featured a slave — not a house, but a person — being sold. Comments (1)

Clarence sale? Norman back on trial for extortion and theft

Politics: Disgraced former Brooklyn Democratic Party boss Clarence Norman — who is out of jail pending an appeal of an earlier corruption conviction — was back in court this week facing his fourth trial in less than two years, this one for allegedly intimidating two Civil Court candidates to pay up to $100,000 for campaign services. Comment

Dutch master

A little Dutch boy wants your help in finding the family of a Brooklyn soldier who died in World War II and is buried near the teen’s Holland home. Comment

Run, Gary, run!

Brooklyn’s version of Forrest Gump has hit the halfway mark on his quest to run every inch of Brooklyn’s roadways — but now he’s giving it a rest. Iowa native Gary Jarvis said he never realized how big Brooklyn is. Comment
Carroll Gardens: It’s a “Moonstruck” marriage! The much-loved bakery that served as the backdrop in Cher’s 1987 hit romance is coming back, thanks to a union with Monteleone, a Court Street pastry shop. Mouths are already watering for the new couple: the Monteleone & Cammareri bakery. Comment
Dining: The problem with Top Ten restaurant lists is that no sooner do I file one with my editor, than I discover one more eatery I’d like to add to the roundup. So, I’ll have to make Stonehome Wine Bar in Fort Greene number 11.  Comment

Mayor vows more money for Brooklyn arts groups

Cultural organizations in Brooklyn could benefit from a flood of cash, thanks to a new pledge by Mayor Bloomberg to distribute $30 million in grants based on performance, not politics. Comment

Saved! Carroll Gardens codger finds a home

Brooklyn Angle: The 94-year-old Carroll Gardens man whose landlord kicked him out of his apartment has found a new apartment nearby. Dominick Diomede, whose story was first reported by The Brooklyn Paper, is poised to sign a lease on a subsidized unit on Warren Street run by the Fifth Avenue Committee. Comment

Catch the ‘Clap’

Music: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah’s new record, “Some Loud Thunder,” meets loud applause. Comment

Alternate reality: Nabe seeks less street-cleaning

Fort Greene: Car owners in Fort Greene want what their upscale pals in Park Slope and Brooklyn Heights have: the right to leave their cars in one space for most of the week. But the Sanitation Department says it won’t happen. Comment


Books: Author James Canon returns to Brooklyn to read from his debut novel. Comment

Get your Gersh on

Editor Gersh Kuntzman hosts BCAT’s Reporter Roundtable this week, with a panel that includes Rich Calder of the New York Post, Jotham Sederstrom of the New York Daily News and Tom Tracy of the Post-owned Courier-Life weekly chain (watch as Calder gets a few digs in at Kuntzman for last week’s “Blood Money” headline). Me-ow! Comment

Alternadad is an idiot!

Smartmom: Smartmom goes to Neal Pollack’s reading at the Tea Lounge and finds the humor writer’s take on parenting not that funny at all. Catfight! Comment

Banksteria in Bay Ridge

Yellow Hooker: Our columnist scoffed at “banksteria” — until his favorite rib joint was closed to make room for a new branch. Comment

Doing the Fort Greene shuffle

Greene Acres: Our columnist tries to get across the intersection of Lafayette Avenue, Fort Greene Place and Fulton Street. And, believe it or not, she makes it! Comment

Hey, Red Hook: Wanna dance?

Brooklyn South: Our columnist — a dancing fool from way back — says Red Hook is the perfect place for a club scene. Comment

Dance in DUMBO

Dance: The Cool New York Dance Festival hits White Wave in DUMBO. Comment

Who is Park Slope?

PS … I Love You: Our columnist goes to the “I am Park Slope” discussion and discovers that “diversity” is like pornography: No one knows what it is, but they know it when they see it. Comment

Emergency surgery for Victory Memorial

Bay Ridge: Victory Memorial Hospital has offered to amputate important units in hopes of keeping the embattled hospital open. Comment

Powerplay still having an outage

Park Slope: Powerplay gym is still closed — but this time, it’s through no fault of the building’s owner. Comment

Club Shadows decries Gentile “witch hunt”

Bay Ridge: Bay Ridge: A lawyer for the controversial Club Shadows went on the offensive this week, calling local officials’ attempt to shut down the Third Avenue nightspot a “witch hunt” and vowing to beat them when the club’s case comes before state officials. “This is a witch hunt,” said William Spanakos, the lawyer. Comment

Wrecking balls: Neighbors say developer is demolishing a historic building in DUMBO

DUMBO: Neighborhood activists in DUMBO say a developer has begun demolishing a historic building on Water Street in hopes of finishing the job before the entire area gets landmark status. Comment

Dueling noses: Vinnie and Vito go at it over Owls Head

Bay Ridge: Bay Ridge: Councilman Vince Gentile and Rep. Vito Fossella haven’t always seen things eye to eye — and now you can add their noses into the equation. Gentile, a Democrat, is still fuming about the city’s slow response to the stink at the Owls Head sewage treatment plant, while Fossella, a Republican, said the mayor and his Department of Environmental Protection have come out of the nasty fight smelling like roses. Comments (1)

Back from the dead: Katina’s will be the new ‘New Purity’

Park Slope: Seventh Avenue’s Katina’s Diner will finally reopen after months of “renovations” — but as a sister restaurant to the Purity Diner five blocks away at Seventh Street. Comment
Park Slope: Residents are begging city officials to help get rid of the 18-wheelers that roar down their supposed-to-be-quiet streets — but electeds aren’t listening. Comments (6)

Fire sale: Engine company goes on the block

Carroll Gardens: The little firehouse that Steve Buscemi is headed to the auction block despite opposition from Community Board 6. Comment

Un-Christian words

Park Slope: Opponents of a local church’s plan to sell its garden are now calling for a boycott of the local real-estate broker involved in the sale. Comment

Third Avenue freeze out

Park Slope: Traffic along busy Third Avenue will be crawling for 18 months, as a key bridge over the Gowanus Canal is rebuilt. The $2.5-million job began on Jan. 17. Comment

Clones’ sked has something for everyone

Cyclones: Every night will be special night at Keyspan Park this summer, as the just-released Cyclones’ schedule features a giveaway item, a fireworks show, or a special appearance at all 38 home games. Comment

Sound the alarm! 11th St getting another firetruck

Park Slope: Park Slope: Residents of 11th Street are seeing red over a Fire Department plan to temporarily relocate another engine company alongside the two fire units on the block. The move is a result of renovations to Engine 239’s Fourth Avenue digs. Comment

Blog smackdown in Ridge

Bay Ridge: Two rival blogs reached the one-million-hit landmark this month — and promptly started attacking each other. Comment

Mark Lahm of Henry’s End

Checkin’ in with: Let’s face it — no one has time to cook these days. And by the time January rolls around, the usual array of take-out places and restaurants can get yawn- (or nausea-) inducing. But at least one restaurant — Henry’s End in Brooklyn Heights — is taking a stand, thanks to the latest installment of its annual Wild Game Festival. Comments (8)

Woman beaten at G-station

Fort Greene: A woman was brutally beaten and robbed in a G-train station on Jan. 17, police said. Comment

No excuses! Gym rats are robbed

Park Slope: Two people working out at the gym got hit where it hurts — and not by their boxing partners. Comment

Two thugs pick on girl on Colonial Rd.

Bay Ridge: Didn’t Momma always say, “Don’t punch girls”? Comment
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