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Silicon Brooklyn: NYU-Polytech merger could bring more techies Downtown

A new report suggests that the proposed merger of New York University and Brooklyn’s Polytechnic University would create a new “Silicon Valley.” Comment
BAM District: The city wants to use its power of eminent domain to push out an almost-finished arts venue in Fort Greene to make way for a Manhattan-based dance troupe and 150 new housing units that comprise the centerpiece of the so-called BAM Cultural District. Comment

Widow gets her wish

Carroll Gardens: The Carroll Gardens widow who fought to die in the home she’d lived in her entire life, won a Pyrrhic victory this month — dying in the apartment on Aug. 12 and defeating a developer’s two-year-long quest to evict her. Comments (5)

Legends of the fall

It’s The Brooklyn Paper’s annual fall preview! Comment

‘Fat’ reality star marched off

Bay Ridge: Larger-than-life Bay Ridgite Will Millender stretched his 15 minutes into 272 miles, but in the end he just couldn’t lose enough to win it all on ABC’s “Fat March.” Comment

Autumn ‘Frost’

Autumn ‘Frost’

Cinema: Paul Auster takes another turn behind the camera. Comment


Clarke stops by to give us the DC lowdown

Politics: Surprise! Rep. Yvette Clarke is running for re-election. Comment

Stop the war already

Downtown: Activists gathered at Borough Hall on Tuesday to protest the War in Iraq — but Allen and Maryellen Tice of Adams Street appeared tired of making the same old case against the four-and-a-half-year-old conflict. Comment

Hynes reads them his writes

Books: Brooklyn District Attorney Charles “Joe “ Hynes thinks he is wielding a new, extra-legal deterrent against police corruption — his debut novel. Comment

Jeffries hits the street — literally

Downtown: Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries doesn’t need to run for re-election until 2010 — but that doesn’t mean he’s not hitting the streets. Comments (2)

GO Brooklyn’s Fall preview

What autumn has in store for the borough in theater, dance, cinema, books, music, art and sports. Comments (1)

A good ‘age’

A good ‘age’

Dining: Epoca adds Northern Italian flare to the Fort Greene dining scene. Comments (2)

Wrecking balls

Wrecking balls

Atlantic Yards: Atlantic Yards developer Bruce Ratner will move forward with a long-planned demolition this week, leaving a family that is suing to stop the project to live, literally, in the shadow of its progress. Comment

All the Kings’ men

Art: Bay Ridge boys Seth Kushner and Anthony LaSala put out a book about the borough. Comment

Grab a table-thingy

Art: Marty and artist Mark Reigelman share a table — or is that a chair? — at Borough Hall Comment

Mike Albo

Checkin’ in with: Has the Fort Greene writer grown to miss his $4 lemonades while away for a summer in the country? Comments (1)

Triple-threat Cyclones coverage

Nobody asked me, but…

Nobody asked me, but…

Play’s the Thing: The bard gives us a catch-all column of his likes and dislikes about the Cyclones, Keyspan Park and life on the road. Comment

LoDuca’s gotta believe!

Cyclones: Mets catcher Paul LoDuca has been an All-Star, an MVP candidate and a playoff starter — so when he says he likes what he sees in the Cyclones, ya gotta believe. Comment

Clones traffic cop in the dugout

Cyclones: Why is coach Guadalupe Jabalera waving his arms so much? Comment

Clones pack ’em in

Cyclones: The Cyclones drew 9,610 fans to the twi-night doubleheader on Aug. 28 — and the team not only swept the twinbill, but also set a new league attendance record. Comment

No day at the beach for lady

Downtown: A woman’s stuff was stolen from her locker at the Floating Pool on Aug. 26 — plus all the other crime news from Downtown, Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO’s 84th Precinct. Comment

Biker gang rides roughshod over Ft. Green

Fort Greene: A group of two-wheeled hoodlums terrorized the Fort Greene area on Aug. 21, mugging two men 15 minutes apart — plus all the other crime news from Fort Greene and Clinton Hill’s 88th Precinct. Comment

Brutal attack in Carroll Gardens

Carroll Gardens: An 18-year-old woman was brutally assaulted on the corner of Smith and Douglass streets around midnight on Aug. 23, police said. Comment

Other Voices

New doll makes her feel historic

Smartmom: American Girl releases a 1970s doll as part of its “historical” collection. Man, does that make Smartmom is feel old, or what? Comments (2)

All drawn out

Atlantic Yards: Our cartoonist’s take. Comment

Verses & Reverses

Perspective: Our poet laureate weighs in on a new study about senior sex. Comment

Keep asking the locals

Editorial: The mayor’s new tourism campaign — “Just ask the locals” — falls flat in Brooklyn, where tourists have been forced to beg for directions for years. Comment

Zum gali gali gali! Guitar, amp swiped from Garfield Temple

Park Slope: The Garfield Temple was broken into during the early morning hours of Aug. 23 — and a guitar and amplifier was stolen. Plus all the other crime from Park Slope’s 78th Precinct Comment

Her church medals are swiped in unholy heist

Bay Ridge: An 81-year old woman was robbed of her expensive religious medals while walking home from church on Aug. 26 — plus all the other crime news from Bay Ridge’s 68th Precinct and Bensonhurst’s 62nd Precinct. Comment

Thief gives cabby advice — after robbing him!

Williamsburg: A man robbed a livery cab driver in the early morning of Aug. 24 — and then tossed a piece of flip advice at the victim: “Next time, put in a partition or camera.” Plus all the other crime news from Williamsburg’s 90th Precinct. Comment

Carjacker nabbed after chase, crash

Williamsburg: A knife-wielding carjacker ended up in the hospital — and in custody — after his third attempt to steal a car resulted in a brief chase and a horrifying crash into an unmarked police car on Metropolitan Avenue on Aug. 20, police said. Comment

She disliked our coverage — but loved the photo of her children!

Letters: Our mailbag is filled with letters about the changes on Columbia Street, a former brothel on Lincoln Place, a Downtown development project, Paul LoDuca’s rehab starts with the Cyclones, our troops in Iraq, and what a great job reporter Matthew Lysiak is doing Comment

One tall building gets nod, other could get ‘no’

Williamsburg–Greenpoint Waterfront: A 16-story condo tower at 20 Bayard St. should proceed as planned, Williamsburg’s a Community Board 1 committee voted on Tuesday, but that doesn’t mean a neighboring 22-story proposal will get the same treatment next week. Comment
Bay Ridge: Got trees? Local officials hope the city does — and they’ve scheduled an emergency meeting to figure out how to get new trees planted in tornado-devastated areas of Bay Ridge. Comments (1)

Eviction party

Park Slope: Neighbors of 533 Bergen St. rallied — and held a block party — to protest the coming eviction of the rent-controlled residents there. Comment
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Cotes du Rhone

Real wine lovers take delight in well-made, unpretentious wines, and so many of my friends in the wine business love the wines of Côtes du Rhône. Read more…

John Gallahue, 76

The father of former Brooklyn Paper reporter Patrick Gallahue — himself a best-selling author, teacher, psychotherapist and world traveler — died this week of cardiac arrest. He was 76. Comments (1)

Civic Calendar

All the important meetings you should be going to. Comment

Family calendar

Parenting: All the fun and excitement for you and yor kids this Labor Day weekend — and beyond. Comment

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