Monday, Jan. 22, 2007

Look, up in the sky, is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it’s a movie shoot!

Downtown: The air over the Brooklyn Bridge will be filled with Army and Coast Guard helicopters and the East River will be filled with police boats trying to save us from evil starting on Tuesday — but don’t worry, it’s just a movie shoot. Comment

Saturday, Jan. 20, 2007

Atlantic Yards: The future home for the Brooklyn Nets will be emblazoned with the corporate logo of a British bank that was founded on the slave trade, collaborated with the Nazis and did business with South Africa’s apartheid government. Comment

‘Barclays’ has a bad ring

Editorial: Bruce Ratner has stabbed his black supporters in the back. Comment
Dining: How do you like your burger: rare, well or covered with beets, pineapple and a fried egg? Comment

Brooklyn Paper wins 2 top prizes

Brooklyn’s Real Newspaper was recognized Friday for editorial excellence, winning two first-place awards in the Suburban Newspaper Association’s annual competition. Comment

Power outage: City shuts down Slope’s Powerplay

Park Slope: The city has shuttered a popular Park Slope sports center citing safety problems, forcing neighborhood kids to forgo weekly tumbling lessons, and sending families scrambling to make last-minute arrangements for their children’s birthday parties. Comment

Outpouring: Brooklyn opens its heart to old man

Carroll Gardens: Brooklynites unleashed a flood of support for a 94-year-old man whose imminent eviction was featured on The Brooklyn Paper’s front page — but the man remains no closer to finding a place to live when he is expected to be kicked out of his Woodhull Street apartment next week. Comment

Dems to Vito: You’re going down … this time!

Bay Ridge: The Democratic Party — which failed to do even basic behind-the-scenes work for its candidate in 2006 — now says it will go after Rep. Vito Fossella (R–Bay Ridge) with a vengeance in 2008. Comment

Smacked! Paper shutterbug hit on the job

Downtown: A veteran Brooklyn Paper photographer was berated and attacked outside Monty Q’s restaurant on Montague Street as he took photos for a story about the restaurant’s closure for health code violations. Comment

Payday: Pataki’s man gets a (tax) break

Bridge ‘Park’: A politically connected developer of luxury condos within the state’s “Brooklyn Bridge Park” waterfront project will get a steep tax break, according to a lease agreement released last week. Comment

Cough, cough: Philip Morris’s arts funding to be slashed

The other shoe is about to drop on nearly two-dozen dance troupes, small theaters and local orchestras in Brooklyn now that Altria, the parent company of tobacco giant Philip Morris, has announced deep cutbacks on its long-generous funding of art. Comment

Verizon says toxic plume isn’t its fault

Carroll Gardens: Air-quality testing by Verizon indicates that an underground plume of cancer-causing toxins being removed from the site of Whole Foods’ supermarket near the Gowanus Canal did not from a company-owned lot a block away. But Verizon workers still want soil testing to confirm the company’s findings. Comment

Camera Obscura bring their act to the Warsaw

Music: Brooklyn’s “little Poland” will take on a Scottish accent on Jan. 24 when the Glasgow sextet Camera Obscura hit Polish National Home-cum-indie rock venue the Warsaw. This is the only New York stop on the American tour supporting the band’s 2006 release “Let’s Get Out of This Country” — and you won’t be able to catch them across the East River. Comment

Hey, you never know: City to run lottery for ritzy Boerum Hill house

Carroll Gardens: The city is putting two vacant brownstones on sale through its affordable housing lottery system — but the lucky souls who buy the houses will not only get a bargin, but also a 20-year tax break. Comments (1)

They are Park Slope?

Park Slope: Get ready for a free-for-all as a local arts organization invites residents to define the phrase: “I am Park Slope.” Comment
Brooklyn Angle: New designs for Brooklyn Bridge Park show new tetherball — tetherball! — courts. Our columnist is excited. Comments (3)

All Drawn Out

Developer feeds hungry artists

DUMBO: Three artists will soon be elevated from “starving” to “working,” thanks to a developer with a soft spot for creative types. Comment

Wacky ‘Angel’ builder will work with wackier developer

Fort Greene: Arthur Wood, the artist who created the Department of Buildings’ most-hated — and the neighborhood’s most-beloved — building could soon be bringing his artistic vision to a wider audience, thanks to an alliance with a developer. Comments (1)

Brooklyn Museum exhibits magical artifacts

Art: Wrapped in rags, bone thin and rabidly obsessed about. No, not another starving starlet — mummies. Comment

Commerce Bank convenient for thieves

Park Slope: Commerce Bank calls itself “America’s Most Convenient Bank” — but its Park Slope branch has given the motto new meaning thanks to four recent robbery attempts, including two this week. Comments (1)

Gratuitous violins: BFCM Mozart marathon

Music: And you thought the marathon was only in the fall. Comment

Trouble follows turnstile swipe

Bay Ridge: A Bay Ridge mom returning from a trip into Manhattan with her new baby got hit with a summons for innocently using the wrong turnstile on Wednesday — but was also threatened with having her child taken from her custody by a Herald Square cop. Comments (1)

The slice is right: Layla Jones

Dining: Once a pizza parlor, always a pizza parlor? That may be the case at 214 Court St., where David O’Keefe and his wife Lourdes have opened Layla Jones, the third pizza parlor at this location in “like […] Comment

In Ft. Greene, the eye candy is wearable

Greene Acres: Our columnist ponders two eternal questions: Why are there so many very-high-end fashion stores in this neighborhood and does that $358 sweater come in mauve? Comment

The dirt on IKEA’s dirt

Red Hook: The mystery of the missing rubble at the IKEA construction site in Red Hook grows. Comment

Brave New World Repetory Salon Series

Theater: Inspired by the parlor culture of the 18th and 19th century, the Brave New World Repetory Salon Series harks back to a sophisticated era where salon gatherings were the choice entertainment for a night out (or a night in, more accurately). Comment

Heights mystery smell solved!

Downtown: That foul smell that permeated Brooklyn Heights this week was not 1,000 toilets spontaneously combusting, but something much more down to earth: fertilizer. Comment

Arbor-slide! Expert says Parks contractor is wounding trees in Cadman Plaza

Downtown: In a decade, a freshly renovated Brooklyn Heights park could be a tree graveyard, according to an arborist who has charged that a Parks Department contractor has irreparably damaged scores of stately London plane trees in Cadman Plaza Park. Comments (1)

Victory to Dyker Heights: We’re not dead yet!

Bay Ridge: Bring them your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free (of asthma) — Victory Memorial Hospital is not dead yet. Comment

Brooklyn Burlesque Blitz

Theater: “It’s a tease in the best sense,” says Jonny Porkpie, one of the hosts of the Brooklyn Burlesque Blitz. “It is to me the most exciting type of performance.” Comment

Hey, Bay Ridge: Fight for a real lifesaver!

Yellow Hooker: All our local pols want to save Victory Memorial Hospital, but how come no one is stepping in to save Gourmet Grill, a health food restaurant that could save even more lives? Comment

My dad’s take on the new Brooklyn

Brooklyn South: Our columnist’s father goes in search of the Brooklyn he once knew, but finds he can’t even get an Italian ice anymore. Comment

What’s wrong with Seventh Ave?

PS … I Love You: Our columnist ponders the future of Seventh Avenue, with its high rent and blah offerings. Comment

OSFO gets a piano

Smartmom: The fingers are flying as the Oh So Feisty One finally gets a piano. Comment

State of the city

Development: Mayor Bloomberg’s State of the City address, at the NYC College of Technology in Downtown on Wednesday, lauded two of Brooklyn’s most controversial projects — Atlantic Yards and the waterfront condo-and-open-space development commonly called Brooklyn Bridge Park. He dubbed Bruce Ratner’s 16-skyscraper-and-arena project “the most exciting private development Brooklyn has ever seen.” He also gave a mayoral nod to “the Burmese python named ‘Fantasia’ at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum,” and the impending renovation of the New York Aquarium in Coney Island. Comment

One Girl Cookies

Dining: The Jan. 24 breakfast-in-bed class at One Girl Cookies might be sold out, but you can still scoop up their Lucia bars, made from shortbread, chocolate and caramel, or the Enza biscotti with white chocolate and apricots. Comment

City to Columbia Street: Help is on the way

Carroll Gardens: At long last, life is about to get a lot smoother on Columbia Street, thanks to a final layer of nice fresh asphalt. Comment

Letters: Marty was right: The Paper is biased!

Letters: A writer concurs with Borough President Markowitz in slamming The Paper’s Atlantic Yards coverage. Comment

Backfat in the fire

Park Slope: Backfat has gotten pinched. The graffiti vandal, who became the terror of Windsor Terrace in just a few short weeks, was arrested by cops on Tuesday afternoon. Comments (4)

Winter weather forecast? Check Water Street

Heights Lowdown: Some people read the thermometer to judge the temperature. In DUMBO, we just check to see which end of Water Street is busy. Comments (3)

Bisou comes home!

Park Slope: Dog lovers rejoice! Bisou. who was feared stolen when he disappeared from in front of Yummy Taco on New Year’s Day, has come home. Comment

Starbucks joins Smith Street

Carroll Gardens: The Starbucks on the corner of Smith and Wyckoff streets will open on Feb. 16 — and it will open with nary an outcry, apparently. Comments (1)

A high ‘Strike’ by the Cyclones

Cyclones: And now playing for the Brooklyn Cyclones — hundreds of kids. The team that brought baseball back to Brooklyn will sponsor 60 youth league teams this summer, donating uniforms, caps and other equipment. Comment

Don’t let strangers into your home

Bay Ridge: An elderly Bay Ridge woman should replace her “welcome” mat with a “beware of dog” sign after getting robbed by two seemingly innocent young women she ushered into her apartment. Comment

Dumbbell lands boxer in hospital

Downtown: The son of a physical trainer at a DUMBO gym famous for training boxing champions cracked a fellow patron over the head with a dumbbell on Jan. 10, police said. Comment

Beloved barber locked in bathroom, robbed

Park Slope: Now this ain’t right. Comment
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Civic Calendar

This week’s community meetings. Comment

Friday, Jan. 19, 2007

Brooklyn Paper wins 2 top prizes

Brooklyn’s Real Newspaper was recognized Friday for editorial excellence, winning two first-place awards in the Suburban Newspaper Association’s annual competition. Comment

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