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Pols to Yards foes: Yer Out!

Atlantic Yards: Nine community board members were purged by Borough President Markowitz because they didn’t toe his Atlantic Yards line, raising questions about the future independence of the city’s most local governmental forum. Comment

The value of local voices

Atlantic Yards: Our editorial on the politically motivated purge of community board members by Borough President Markowitz. The board members dared question the Atlantic Yards mega-development of Markowitz buddy Bruce Ratner. Comment

Accolades for The Paper’s Web site

No wonder you’re reading this online: just received an award from a national newspaper trade group. Comment

Marty’s free ride on QM2

Politics: Borough President Markowitz is back from his free, six-day ride on the Queen Mary 2 — but don’t worry, it’s all legit, according to the city. Normal people pay up to $23,399 for the transatlantic crossing, but Markowitz got his for free because he talked about Brooklyn tourism while on board. Comment


Bloomy: Not running (for Borough President, that is)

Mayor Bloomberg was in Brooklyn twice this week, fueling speculation that he was running for president. Turns out, he’s not. Comment

Exclusive: Bloomy is uninformed about Atlantic Yards

During a press conference on Tuesday, The Brooklyn Paper asked Mayor Bloomberg why the city’s plan for redeveloping the state-owned Hudson Rail Yards is going through a distinctly different process than Bruce Ratner’s Atlantic Yards development in Prospect Heights. Comment

Mike and David in love — with hybrids

Politics: A Brooklyn lawmaker has persuaded Mayor Bloomberg to make a three-point turn and require the city’s smoke-belching taxi fleet to be fully replaced with fuel-efficient hybrids by 2012. Comment

Williamsburg man winner by a hair!

Here’s a story about a man with a five-inch-long nipple hair. Don’t laugh — it’s about to be a Guinness-verified world record! Comments (2)

Pool queue

Pool queue

With city’s swimming holes closed ‘til nearly July, how can Brooklynites keep cool? Comment

Boot camp to the rescue! Paper rep hopes to lose weight, save his own life

Fitness: One of our ad salesmen — overweight, tired, burnt out — signs up for the “Boot Camp Challenge” in hopes of saving his life. Check out the “Before” pictures! Comment

Duffield supporters ‘Hammer’-ing Jack

Downtown: About four dozen Downtown residents, historians and preservationists roundly slammed a city plan to seize 22 lots by eminent domain to make room for a park and underground parking lot — and they focused their anger on an ironically named city official: Jack Hammer of the Department of Housing Preservation and Development. Comment

Babes in soy land

Babes in soy land

Dining: Cobble Hill’s Hibino is on a roll. Comment

BAM hikes flix tix

Fort Greene: The Brooklyn Academy of Music’s BAM Rose Cinema, the only movie house in Fort Greene, is raising prices to $11, making admission among the most expensive in the city. Comment

Top news

This show is for the dogs

Fort Greene: Brooklyn pet owners must think their animal companions are just talentless slobs. How do we know? No one has entered his dog or cat or bird in the borough’s first-ever animal talent show! Comment
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Is it dry?

There’s an old poem that I came across that only someone in the wine trade could truly appreciate: it’s the lament of an old man who has spent his entire life in the wine business, traveling, tasting, learning and buying. He knows the soil of the vineyards the grapes have grown in, he knows the cellars they were made in. He has worked with great Chefs matching wines perfectly with their dishes. He has filled his cellar with outstanding wines from the best vintages, cellared them so that they are at their peak, ready for the enjoyment and pleasure of his guests, and all anyone ever asks him is: “Is it dry?” Read more…

All beefed up

Dining: Carniceria chef Alex Garcia chats about his past and his future. Comment

Goodwill game: Scribes take on Cyclones’ front office for contest

Cyclones: Normally, the only exercise Brooklyn Cyclones beat reporters get is from tapping on keyboards and stuffing their craws with free food in the press box — but on June 2, they’ll find out what life between the foul lines is really like. Comment

Your Local Police Blotter

Vito is scam target

Bay Ridge: Mail scammers who tricked a Bay Ridge woman out of nearly $10,000 went after a bigger fish this week — the woman’s congressman, Rep. Vito Fossella. Comment

Purse-jack on 86th St

Bay Ridge: A bride-to-be has her handbag stolen in Bay Ridge — plus all the local crime news! Comment

Jitney jilted! Only 8 take maiden Hampton voyage

Downtown: A three-quarters-empty Hampton Jitney made its maiden voyage from Brooklyn to Montauk last week — yet despite the low turnout, the busride was a resounding success for at least one reason: no one had to travel with “snooty Hamptonites,” one customer said. Comment

Beyond the pale

Beach bums beware, being a shady lady can pay off. Comment

Neighborhood Columnists

These mailmen are armed for dog

Yellow Hooker: It may be National Dog Bite Prevention Week, but local mail carriers are on step ahead of their canine enemies: they’re armed with Mace! Comments (1)

Heights nannies are being watched anew

Heights Lowdown: A new art show on nannies gets our guest columnist thinking about their role in our neighborhood. Comment

Lots of green to be made on green

Brooklyn South: Two gardening centers fight a war of the roses in Red Hook. Comment

An artist who makes a living

PS … I Love You: Our columnist visits with a legendary Park Slope artist. Comment

Tales from the Fort Greene crypt

Greene Acres: Our columnist tells a great Memorial Day story about America’s real hero soldiers. Comment

Boxing day in Slope for newspapers

Park Slope: The Park Slope Civic Council wants to reduce by half the number of free newspapers available on a busy street corner, claiming that newspaper boxes are unattractive and a nuisance. Comment

Boro beach bag

Fashion: This summer, take advantage of all Brooklyn has to offer and pack yourself a stylish and totally local beach bag before you leave the house. Comment

Other Local Stories

Wall St workers clean up

Fort Greene: The rich guys at Goldman Sachs get dirty at Fort Green Park. Comment

Soccer dad: Gridiron coach stole field

Fort Greene: The city is investigating whether to discipline a high-school football coach who allegedly kicked two youth soccer teams off a city-owned field two weekends in a row. Comments (4)
Carroll Gardens: They say the neon lights are bright on Smith Street — but looking at them just gives locals the blues. But not for long. American Apparel has agreed to turn off its lights at night. Comment

Black sky blues in Bensonhurst

Bay Ridge: Bensonhurst residents had a simple reaction to a new report that the air in their neighborhood was filthy: Tell me something I don’t know. “You can feel the thickness,” said John Fruente, 15-year resident of 25th Avenue. Comment

Locals: Test soil at skate park

Carroll Gardens: Local officials want the city to test the soil at a Boerum Hill playground that federal officials say rests atop toxic waste before moving forward with a proposed makeover. Comment

Behind the fence!

Park Slope: Here’s some news that will have Brooklyn readers cheering: The Brooklyn Public Library’s $16-million renovation is almost done. Comment

Pazza de Pearl OK’d

Downtown: The grimy Pearl Street triangle is about to get a sprucing up by the city. Comment
Park Slope: Want a book? You could go to the library, or you could walk two steps further and see Skibo. Comment

Bad reviews for Alpine

Bay Ridge: Will the Alpine Cinema — saved last year in a much-celebrated transaction — ever return to its former glory? Comments (1)

Call off the hounds: DUMBO kitty found!

Downtown: Curiosity almost killed a cat named Dolphin last week when the feisty feline went on the lam in DUMBO. But Dolphin is now back in her Jay Street home. Comments (1)

Hazy, hot and hungry

Dining: GO’s guide to the best outdoor eats in town. Comment

Eating for a cure

Dining: Park Slope’s crusader for breast cancer awareness, Lenore Arons, has now cajoled 14 local restaurants into donating a portion of one night’s profits to the fight against the dread disease. Comment

Happening beats

Happening beats

Music: Indie rock pioneer Calvin Johnson makes his way to Brooklyn. Comment

Not so great wall divides; Feuding neighbor story makes The Paper

Bay Ridge: It’s neighbor against neighbor on 87th Street, where one man is building a 60-foot wall. Comments (1)

All drawn out

Cartoon: Our cartoonist’s take. Comment

Lessons of parenting in a tiny yellow bird

Smartmom: Smartmom sees a rare bird and learns about being a better mother. Comment

Popcorn culture

Popcorn culture

Cinema: The Brooklyn International Film Festival enters its 10th year. Comment

M.E.T.H.O.D Canned! Rapper collared for pot at Battery Tunnel

Carroll Gardens: Rapper Method Man is busted with pot — plus all the other crime news from Red Hook, Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill. Comment

It’s just business for well-suited con

Downtown: A well-dressed man robs a Downtown store — plus all the other crime news from Downtown, Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO. Comment

Stabbing at 5th Ave fair

Park Slope: The peaceful vibe of a Park Slope street festival was shattered on Sunday, when a brawl erupted outside a Mexican restaurant, leaving a man bleeding on the floor and three men arrested for assault, said police. Comment

Hit her right in the bread basket

Fort Greene: A robber asks for dough — and he’s not looking for bread. Plus all the other crime news from Fort Greene and Clinton Hill. Comment

Mayhem at restaurant leads to theft

Park Slope: A man and woman pulled the old distraction trick at a popular Japanese restaurant on May 16 and walked out with more than $600 in cash and goods — plus all the other crime news from Park Slope! Comment

Identity thefts running rampant

Park Slope: Last week provided Park Slopers with an object lesson in why they need to guard their personal papers as at least three people reported identity thefts that resulted in losses of thousands of dollars, cops said. Comment


Without Arab contributions, we’d be in Dark Ages

Letters: Lots of letters about our Arabic language and culture school coverage — plus more mail on Atlantic Yards and litter. Comment

Respect your neighbors

Letters: Letters from our Stoop readers. Comment

9th St bike lane rolls ahead

Park Slope: A city proposal to put bike lanes on both sides of Ninth Street in Park Slope is looking unstoppable. Comment

A dirty job

Downtown: A dirt-filled truck overturned on Cadman Plaza West on Tuesday morning, stopping traffic, but not halting landscaping work at the apartment tower at 75 Henry St. Comment
Bay Ridge: An elite anti-terror response team focused on chemical, biological, and radiological attacks will soon be stationed at Fort Hamilton — as long as some final hurdles are cleared. Comment

Family calendar

Parenting: A full weekend’s worth of fun for parents and kids. Comment

Civic Calendar

All the important meetings you should be going to. Comment

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