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Brooklyn Angle: Dominick Diomede is 94, has lived in Carroll Gardens for most of his life, and is about to be thrown out on the street. Comments (2)

‘Lonely’ tourists heading for Brooklyn

Lonely Planet, a popular tourist guide, is heralding Brooklyn as a visitors’ paradise. Comment
Fashion: Yoko Devereaux is not an actual person. Comment
Nightlife: The editors of the Lonely Planet guidebooks named Brooklyn one of the top-30 travel destinations for 2007 — and to think, they did it without even mentioning Greenpoint. Comment

Barbeque with deja vu: Newly reborn Park Slope grill pit has smoke signals crossed

Dining: The best fried chicken I’ve ever had was in the dining room of a department store in a weird little town in South Carolina. Comment

Thumbs up! Fonzie’s back to return Cyclones to glory

Cyclones: The only manager to lead the Brooklyn Cyclones to a New York-Penn League championship is back for another tenure as skipper. Comment

It’s still not a damn park!

Editorial: Opponent of the plan for the Brooklyn Heights waterfront played right into the state’s hands. Comment
Dance: Does one really have to forego a career in dance if he is neither graceful nor quick on his feet? Comment

BAM honors MLK

Dance: Rutha Harris, 66, who performed for Martin Luther King, Jr. just before his “I Have a Dream” speech, will headline this year’s BAM tribute to the slain civil rights leader. Comments (1)

PLO on the move in Bay Ridge?

Bay Ridge: Is a gang of Arab youths called “the PLO” stalking the streets of Bay Ridge — or is this a case of post-9-11 paranoia? Comments (36)

Seoul food

Dining: Cathy Palm is turning the border of Prospect Heights into a mini restaurant empire. Comment

A Connecticut liberal in Kings County’s court

Development: A growing mob of local officials is circling in on a liberal Connecticut politician who is trying to evict rent-stabilized tenants from five buildings in Park Slope and Brooklyn Heights. Comment
Park Slope: The battle over one South Slope development is no longer just business, it’s personal. Comment

Slope mugging draws national eye to Brooklyn

Park Slope: One blog’s account of a Christmas crime has set off a firestorm of internet excitement. Comments (1)

Draw a crowd

Nightlife: If Jessica Rabbit is more your speed than Jenna Jameson, it might be time to get yourself to the “Strip Club.” Comment

Rev. Liz speaks: Garden must go

PS … I Love You: Rev. Liz Alexander, pastor of the Church of Gethsemane, is fighting back: “We are talking about trees versus people here,” she told me. Comment

Slow roasted fine

A court has ruled that the smell of roasting coffee beans is pollution. Comment

Finally, last call for Liquors

Fort Greene: The popular Fort Greene eatery has, at long last, closed for good. Comment

‘Deluxe’ show

Theater: Cynthia Hopkins (pictured), who garnered widespread acclaim for her amnesia operetta “Accidental Nostalgia,” returns to DUMBO’s St. Ann’s Warehouse on Wednesday with the New York premiere of her “Accidental” prequel, “Must Don’t Whip ’Um.” Comment

Tony time

Cinema: Bay Ridge filmmaker Tony De Nonno’s latest presentation was 400 years in the making. Comment

The bitter story of a sugar plant

Brooklyn South: To be inside a factory on the verge of demolition is like visiting a place of worship emptied by earthquake. The ceilings are high. Unfiltered sunlight washes over everything: chairs that once held people, stray leather shoes, a suit jacket, ink-stained ledgers, bashed-up books. A sapling grows in the arch of a broken, scroll-shaped window. Comment

Babies storm Fort Greene

Greene Acres: In their insatiable desire to devour all of Brownstone Brooklyn, the Babies are infiltrating Fort Greene. Comment

Al Gore meets my babysitter

Yellow Hooker: Some 12-year-old girls are worried about 12-year-old boys. And some 12-year-old girls are worried about Al Gore. Comment

A bagel with a smear on Clark

Heights Lowdown: As Mel Gibson can tell you, making anti-Semitic remarks is just not a good move. Comment
Red Hook: City officials dashed several developer’s hopes this week by declaring part of the Red Hook waterfront a hotel-free zone. Comment

Thrift shop set to replace Fishs Eddy

Downtown: A merchant says high rent forced the closure of the popular shop. Comment

Court Street loses a gem

Downtown: Casale Jewelers is closing down. Comment

Skeeters have hoods buggin’ out

Fort Greene: The warm winter has mosquitos buzzing in Brooklyn. Comment
Bay Ridge: A local group teamed with the city to give out free bicycle helmets. Comment

Have you seen this doggie?

Park Slope: A distraught Kensington family is facing a new year without its old pal. Comment

Suburban pals a memory

Smartmom: Smartmom misses her friends that have fled from Park Slope. Comment

Vito to city: Stop dread

Bay Ridge: The city refuses to cover cesspools at the Owls Head sewage treatment plant. Comment

Coney Bears fight heat

Coney Bears fight heat

The Coney Island Polar Bears protested global warming by not taking a dip. Comment

Bush delivers for Young Republicans

Bay Ridge: Group hears president out over beers at Peggy O’Neil’s Comment

All Drawn Out

It’s snow problem now

Politics: The city should use the money it saved this winter because of global warming to combat global warming, says one politician — and it’s not Al Gore. Comment

Andrews lands Spitzer job

Politics: The electorate closed a door, but Gov. Spitzer has opened a window to his pal Carl Andrews, giving the former state Senator a job in his new administration and earning complaints from critics, who call the position a cynical “quid pro quo.” Comment

Pol: Don’t dredge

Bay Ridge: Assemblyman William Colton is fighting to stop the dredging of polluted Gravesend Bay Comment

Yea and nay for Marty, Atlantic Yards reports

Letters: Readers react to our interview with Marty Markowitz. Comment

March on Washington

March on Washington

Politics: Rep. Yvette Clarke is sworn into office. Comment

He points, but doesn’t shoot, for PlayStation

Fort Greene: Talk about a desperate gamer. Comment

Mob mug at Ridge Avenue bus stop

Bay Ridge: For one Bay Ridge senior, New Year’s Eve offered no reason to celebrate. Comments (2)

Armed video game grab on Seventh Ave

Park Slope: Two men with a gun stole nearly $3,000 in video games and $1,600 in cash from a Seventh Avenue store and left the clerk tied up in the back when they fled on Jan. 7, police said. Comment

Armed mugger flees when he’s spooked

Carroll Gardens: A man with a silver pistol held two women at gunpoint on Jan. 7, but the gunman got spooked twice and walked away empty-handed, police said. Comment

Civic Calendar

This week’s commmunity meetings. Comment
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