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Bloomberg’s vision

Politics: Mayor Bloomberg’s proposal to charge drivers $8 to enter Downtown Manhattan is an unfair burden on Brooklyn motorists, pols said this week, even as traffic experts said it could ease gridlock throughout the borough. Comment

Marty flips: Fee worth a new look

Politics: Borough President Markowitz has opposed East River bridge tolls before. What’s he saying now? Not much. Comment

Deck the halls with lots of housing

Residents of Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill hailed a city plan that would build housing atop the nine-block-long Brooklyn–Queens Expressway trench that divides the neighborhoods from the Columbia Street waterfront. Comment

Pol: Bloomy’s plan is not ‘ferry’ good

Bay Ridge: Commuters in Bay Ridge who want a 12-minute water taxi ride into Manhattan have been left at the dock - and they have Mayor Bloomberg to blame, a local pol charged this week. Comment

Good Bloomy, bad Bloomy

Editorial: The two faces of Mayor Bloomberg are again on display. One day, the mayor is one of the nation’s leading advocates of environmentally sound, community-sensitive, sensible development. The next day, he’s a backroom crony greasing the wheels for a developer who ignored the community. Comment

Kiss their glass! Library still in trouble

Fort Greene: Brooklyn Public Library officials reportedly said this week that their efforts to raise money for a $135-million iconic glass-walled performing arts branch have failed - and that the project can’t go forward at this point. Comments (1)

Bee-lieve it! Keeper: Cellphones killing honeymakers

Honeybees are dying all over the country — and one Brooklyn beekeeper thinks that cellphones are guilty. Comment

The 1.25-million-dollar insult?

Heights Lowdown: Is a French baker in DUMBO a racist or just rude? Let’s go to the court papers! Comment

Other Voices

Once again, America asks: What to tell the children?

Smartmom: Smartmom learns a lesson about how to break bad news to kids. Comment

A cut below: Gersh’s trim not $400

Brooklyn Angle: The Brooklyn Angle: Our columnist goes head-to-head with John Edwards. Comment

Verses & Reverses

The poet laureate of Park Slope weighs in on the arrival of the Hampton Jitney to Brooklyn. Comment

Ratner’s wrecking ball hits, protested

Ratner’s wrecking ball hits, protested

Atlantic Yards: Developer Bruce Ratner began demolition of three more buildings within the Atlantic Yards footprint, days after dozens of opponents called for the developer to call off his wrecking ball until pending litigation is resolved. Comment

Making his ‘Mark’

Making his ‘Mark’

Theater: Morris takes Manhattan, debuts at Metropolitan Opera. Comment

Band loses monkey muse

Music: Can you please help four rockers find their missing monkey? Comments (1)

This does not compute

Fort Greene: Old graduates returned to Brooklyn Technical HS for a reunion last week only to find that the nature of technology has changed since the days when high-tech meant sharing an abacus with a pal. Comment

Less ‘alternate-side’

Fort Greene: Like adolescents to a compulsively neat parent, two elected officials are trying to reason with the city’s Sanitation Department, arguing that Fort Greene and Clinton Hill do not need twice-a-week street cleaning. Comment

Some ‘signs’ of success

Downtown: The Parks Department has finally one-upped the legendary “Sign Lady” of Brooklyn Heights. Comment

City’s ship slip is showing; Jobs numbers fall short at cruise ship terminal

Red Hook: The Brooklyn cruise terminal created just 14 full-time jobs in its first year on the Red Hook waterfront — a whopping 356 short of the number of full-time jobs promised by the city’s Economic Development Corporation. Comment

Hats off

Hats off

Dining: Windsor Terrace channels the Middle East with Fez Restaurant. Comment

Neighborhood Columnists

Our local board is a hot ticket!

Yellow Hooker: Don’t think of community board meetings as boring. Think of them as free entertainment! Comment

A rat’s life on Pacific Street

Brooklyn South: Our columnist braves the most rat-infested block in Boerum Hill. Comments (2)

Too much green in Ft. Greene

Greene Acres: Luxury units in the Forte condos - Fort Greene’s first new residential skyscraper - officially went on the market last week, putting the punctuation mark on the neighborhood’s complete transformation into Brooklyn’s own Upper West Side. Comment

Bagless writer, tree-filled block

PS … I Love You: Our columnist searches her soul, and decides to quit using plastic shopping bags. Comment

The luncheonette that isn’t

Dining: Williamsburg’s Park Luncheonette is back to the future. Comment

Ice cream spot busted

Carroll Gardens: An ice cream man’s sweet treat melted this week when city officials painted over a special — and illegal — parking space next to a kid-filled Carroll Gardens park. Comment

Other Local Stories

Getting something to hum about

Bay Ridge: It’s mating season for the ugly oyster toadfish of Bay Ridge. Comment
Carroll Gardens: The new urban homesteaders are floating away - on the Gowanus Canal. Comments (1)
Park Slope: The influx of condos is forcing developers to come up with new ways to move their units. The latest marketing tool? Go green. Comment

Canal species not endangered

Carroll Gardens: ”Coney Island whitefish” are back in the Gowanus Canal. Comment

No ‘Pace’ to dorm life

Downtown: Pace University has pulled its 500 students out of a Clark Street dormitory, but the 800-bed facility will likely be busy again when the fall semester starts, experts said. Comment
Downtown: The owners of the two-story building at Clinton and Remsen streets say they are not ready, just yet, to sell. Their comment only slightly calmed the concern of Brooklyn Heights residents. Comment


Fort Greene: Pratt Institute unveils a spiffy new design center. Comment

Clinton Hill to city: Save us!

Fort Greene: Will the city step in and block an 18-story tower on Washington Avenue? Comment

’Light’ is on in Hook

Carroll Gardens: Red Hook has its second traffic light. Maybe those arugula-chasing drivers will finally slow down. Comment

Playing hooky — for a cause

Park Slope: How about those PS 321 kids! Comments (1)

Cash for badly slashed man

Park Slope: A Park Slope lawyer whose throat was slit during a 2004 carjacking in his building’s parking lot has won a multi-million-dollar settlement against the big-time construction company that failed to secure his safety. Comments (1)

Reel life

Reel life

Cinema: This year’s Tribeca Film Festival is heavy with Brooklyn talent. Comment

The greening of trash

The Brooklyn Navy Yard has just installed a solar-powered garbage can. Yes, a solar-powered garbage can. Comment

Cash and carry: Reader warns of deep pockets

Letters: One reader blames the victim for her mugging, while another longs for one last photo of Herbie the Hereford - plus the rest of our weekly mailbag. Comment

Home wreck

Theater: A lamentable play lamented. Comment

Hail and farewell to calf-powered cabs

Brooklyn’s chance of becoming a base for a fleet of tricycle pedicabs was dashed this week when the City Council voted to limit the number of the person-powered vehicles on city streets. Comment

Let’s grow

Getting your green thumb in shape for summer. Comment

Slopers band together to save ‘Community’ effort

Park Slope: Don’t panic! One of Park Slope’s favorite bookshops is not about to turn its final page. Comment


Music: Rhonda Dene’t puts her stamp on the Clinton Hill soul scene. Comment

Get fierce

Get fierce

Music: Toshi Reagon lends her voice. Comment

Perp wanted a phone, but settled for cash

Park Slope: A man managed to save his phone - but not his cash - from a gunman. Plus all the other Park Slope crime! Comment

All drawn out

Cartoon: Our cartoonist’s take. Comment

Fashion thievinistas find a Gap in store security

Bay Ridge: A popular clothing store’s display table was looted by thieves who pulled off a bold high-noon heist on April 11 — plus all the other Bay Ridge and Bensonhurst crime. Comment

Drugged-out robber strikes in the Heights

Downtown: The thief promised he meant no harm, but just needed enough money to buy drugs so he could stop the pain of withdrawal - plus other crime from the 84th Precinct. Comment


Carroll Gardens: A woman was robbed on her way to a Court Street gym — plus other crime from the 76th Precinct. Comment

La primavera

Dining: Warm weather ushers in sports, snacks at Red Hook soccer fields. Comment

Monica cremated as cops hunt killer

Fort Greene: Friends and family mourned tattoo artist and model Monica Henk at her funeral last week as cops sought the hit-and-run driver who killed her. Comment

Different icon

Different icon

Art: ‘Postmillennial Black Madonna’ not just like a prayer. Comment

Move your asphalt! Paving plan released

Bay Ridge: Twenty-two local roads from Bay Ridge to Bensonhurst will be getting a well-deserved makeover this summer - a tiny fraction of the thoroughfares that deserve the spring cleaning, at least one local official said. Comment

Civic Calendar

All the important meetings you should be going to. Comment

Pols to Spitzer: Stop ‘Yards’ work

Atlantic Yards: Stop Bruce Ratner — now — before he hurts someone! Comment

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