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Brooklyn Heights’s Dahn Yoga Center, which provides a serene environment where affordable classes are offered in various kinds of yoga, meditation, tai chi and relaxation exercises, opened in June 2005. Comment


Seventy-five minutes of butt-kicking running, climbing, cycling, jumping, pushing and pulling at Boot Camp Fitness Brooklyn NYC, and beads of sweat are falling, muscles are burning, and blood is pumping. Comment


This is the only high-risk part," said Matthew Kenney, as he swung an oversize kitchen knife against the hard, ivory shell of a Thai coconut. "There’s no other way to do this, unless you have a chainsaw." Comment


Whether you’re an exercise buff, or you’re just trying to fix that funny kink in the middle of your back from sitting at the computer all day, you’ll find both classes and tools for feeling better at Ellie Herman Studio’s newest Pilates center in Park Slope. Comment


The school at Fort Greene’s Mark Morris Dance Center has expanded its traditional offerings by adding new adult classes: "capoeira," Afro-Brazilian martial art; belly dance; and "rhythm and motion," a workout routine using jazz, African, Latin and modern dance forms as its inspiration. Comment


Japanese director Hiroshi Teshigahara, who carved out a substantial niche among art-film fans in the 1960s with his willfully bizarre and haunting tales of ordinary madness, is the subject of a long-awaited BAMCinematek retrospective. Comment


There’s no denying that when the "Stripilates" DVD arrived at the GO Brooklyn desk, the curiosity of all of my colleagues was piqued - even the ones that don’t enjoy a good workout. And that’s exactly what Greenpoint producer Christopher Bagnall was hoping when he set out to make this utterly unique workout film. Comment


Atlantic Yards: Bruce Ratner’s wrecking ball could start swinging as early as next week, thanks to a state Supreme Court ruling Tuesday that cleared the way for the developer to demolish five buildings that are part of his Atlantic Yards mega-development. Comment


It takes chutzpah for a small theatrical company to revive Arthur Miller’s 1980 play, "The American Clock," as The Sackett Group is doing at Fort Greene’s Brooklyn Music School Playhouse through Sunday. A large-cast, historical pageant about the Great Depression, that’s also a thinly veiled memoir of the late dramatist’s coming-of-age, this minor work is as stylistically erratic as it is conceptually ambitious. Comment

Nets seek to extend NJ lease 

Atlantic Yards: Plans to relocate the New Jersey Nets to Brooklyn in 2008 will be delayed. Comment

Beer  war brewing

Atlantic Yards: This Bud’s for you? Comment

Ratner’s Yards pretty dense

Atlantic Yards: A new analysis by a noted Brooklyn architect indicates that the Atlantic Yards project is just as bulky as the state’s plans for Ground Zero. Comment

Governors Island gondola a ‘go’

The “Governors Island Gondola” is a go. Comment

Raise a glass to Hindy        

Atlantic Yards: Several members of our hard-working staff were actually enjoying a Brooklyn Lager the other night when they heard a bit of disquieting news: Opponents of Bruce Ratner’s Atlantic Yards mega-development are calling for a boycott of this most drinkable beverage because of the brewery owner’s allegedly cozy relationship with the developer. And so they ordered another beer to ponder the situation. Brooklyn Brewery owner Steve Hindy does, indeed, do business with Bruce Ratner, who sells Brooklyn Lager and other fine comestibles at Nets games in New Jersey. Comment
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My Best      Buys

Did you ever go into a wine shop, ready to buy a good tasting bottle of wine and run into that dreaded “wine snob” attitude? Well, we probably all have, and I just don’t understand it. If you went into a Ferrari dealership and let on that you didn’t quite understand how electronic ignition or fuel injection worked, no salesman would ever act snooty. They’d tell you to just get in, drive the car and enjoy, right? That’s why I work hard at picking out my Best Buys every month: so you can just open a bottle, pour a glass and enjoy it, knowing that yo Read more…

Overcoming Friedan’s ghost

Smartmom: Betty Friedan showed up in the sky above Seventh Avenue last week as Smartmom headed to Connecticut Muffin after the PS 321 drop-off. Comments (1)

Brooklyn sarge calls the roll one last time

Brooklyn Angle: Precinct houses are bugs trapped in amber. The desk sergeant greets outsiders like they’re ne’er-do-well uncles looking for a handout. In the far corner is a Shine-o-Mat machine with two worn-down brushes that look as though they haven’t been replaced since men wore hats. Comment

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