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In Brooklyn Heights, an ambitious new restaurant is met with anticipation. The neighborhood only has a couple of terrific places and others that lean toward mediocre, so when an experienced chef finds a corner spot in a secluded part of the area, posts his menu on a Web site, then takes his time with renovations, the opening generates a lot of buzz. Comment


Everyone’s heard of independent films and indie music labels, but what about indie fragrances? Comment


"I didn’t tell anybody what to write," Reed Farrel Coleman, editor of "Hard Boiled Brooklyn," told GO Brooklyn. "These are all their own ideas. I said, ’Here’s a word count; make it scream Brooklyn and do your best work.’ " Comment


Demond Mullins, a 24-year-old Iraq War veteran living in Prospect Heights, recommends everyone - especially those young people considering joining the military as a way to finance their college educations - check out the powerful new documentary, "The Ground Truth." Comment


For years, the profitable world of New York City construction has been rife with conflict and drama; so what better place could there be for a "third-generation construction guy"-turned-filmmaker to build his first movie? Comment


Pablo Picasso and Albert Einstein meet at the turn of the 20th century to discuss the important things in life: are they out to change the world or do they just want to meet some girls? Comment


Meet the artists featured in the first exhibition of the Skylight Gallery’s 2006-2007 season, "Southern Trees Bare Strange Fruit," at a reception on Thursday, Oct. 5. This show is the first in a season of contemporary art exhibitions to be helmed by artists Danny Simmons and Meridith McNeal. Comment


Atlantic Yards: Atlantic Yards will cause “irreparable damage to the quality of life in the borough of Brooklyn,” members of Community Board 6 decreed last week, calling for Bruce Ratner’s mega-development to be redrawn before it is approved by state authorities. Comment


The first solo exhibition for Mexican-American photographer Raul Gutierrez, who has been documenting the oppressed Tibetan and Uyghur communities for the last 15 years, is on display now at the Nelson Hancock Gallery’s show, "Travels Without Maps: Images from China’s Western Frontiers." Comment


Brooklynites know there’s one place to get their fire-eating, bootie-shaking, culture-digging groove on: "The Chile Pepper Fiesta" at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Comment

Pataki’s wall of silence

Editorial: Got a secret? You can certainly entrust it to Gov. Pataki and the cabal of insiders who pack his lame-duck administration. Comment

An energy solution on Hook

Red Hook: Forget Venezuela — the latest solution to the energy crisis may be in Red Hook. Comment

L’shana tova from Smartmom

Smartmom: The week before Rosh Hashanah, Smartmom was meditating in her bedroom. Her attempts to meditate at home are usually a comedy of errors and this was no exception. The fragrance of burning incense seems to attract her offspring like flies to honey. Comment

Ratner to build City Tech tower

Atlantic Yards: City University of New York has picked Atlantic Yards developer Bruce Ratner to build a skyscraper for New York City College of Technology’s Downtown campus — a $186-million Renzo Piano-designed facility that will include classrooms and hundreds of luxury units controlled by the developer, The Brooklyn Papers has learned. Comment

Lawyers swoop in on humble Slope eatery

Some high-priced Manhattan lawyers have forced a reasonably priced Park Slope restaurant to change its name. Comment

Very mortal game

Brooklyn Angle: Park Slope author David Shenk is hawking a new book — a remarkable history of chess — which is great news for readers and bad news for me. Comment

New deal lets Nets escape to Queens

Atlantic Yards: Is there a super-secret plan to move the New Jersey Nets to Queens instead of Kings? Comment

Lights out for parachute jump

They spent $1.7 million to re-light the Parachute Jump earlier this summer — but the landmark will soon go dark to save birds. Comment

Atlantic Yards countdown:

Atlantic Yards: The Empire State Development Corporation invited Brooklynites to comment on the agency’s draft environmental impact statement for the Atlantic Yards project by sending letters to ESDC’s Maria Mooney, 633 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10017 or e-mailing by 5:30 pm on Sept. 29. Comment

Colton: Never forget 9-11

A local lawmaker is so worried that New Yorkers will forget what happened on 9-11 that he wants New Yorkers to remember 9-11 on 9-11 with a holiday named after 9-11. Comment

In Clinton Hill, Civil War–era home set to be demolished

Development: A Clinton Hill mansion that dates back to the Civil War — yet is not protected as a city landmark — is about to be torn down to make way for a high-rise condo tower, renewing local fears about the “Manhattanization” of Brooklyn. Comment

In Red Hook, kayakers cry ‘No parking!’

Red Hook: It’s the same old excuse over and over again: The reason that no one kayaks to Red Hook is because there’s no parking. Comment
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Which wine is “the best”?

I can’t tell you how often I’m asked, “Which wine is the best?” Usually I reply, “Best for what?” What may be the best wine for drinking at the shore while you’re shucking a pile of fresh oysters won’t be the same wine that I’d consider the best for sharing with friends when we’re grilling steaks on the barbecue... or the best for sharing in a great restaurant while having a remarkable meal. But there’s even more to it than that. Read more…

Activist Evelyn Ortner dies at 82

Atlantic Yards: Evelyn Ortner, whose four decades of preserving Brooklyn’s unique character started with a single brownstone on Berkeley Place in Park Slope and ended with her opposition to Bruce Ratner’s Atlantic Yards project, died Tuesday. She was 82. Comment

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