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Tap-dancing phenom Savion Glover will give a free performance, as part of the Celebrate Brooklyn series in Prospect Park, on Saturday. Comment


Atlantic Yards: Where the female’s torso would be, there is a zigzag cutout, reminiscent of a puzzle piece, or maybe half a bear trap. The claw-like shape rests on curvaceous legs, twisted in a half crouch and flexing a naked derriere. Beneath the imposing posterior lies another cutout: the smaller, missing half of the puzzle/trap, from which a male hand reaches upward, yearning toward the towering bronze buttocks above. Comment


The 30th anniversary celebration of the Thelma Hill Performing Arts Center kicks off at 7 pm on Thursday in Long Island University’s Kumble Theater. Comment

It’s official: It’s no park

Editorial: A park is a park, and a project a project. As a policy, The Brooklyn Papers has, when reporting on the proposed development along the Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO waterfronts, generally referred to it as a “project” or a “development,” but certainly not a park. Comment


Bikini weather already? Well, Bay Ridge’s Little Cupcake Bakeshop will make you forget all about that summer diet. Comment


The Triborough Bridge is turning 70 years old, and as a birthday present, it’s getting its own exhibit at the New York Transit Museum in Downtown Brooklyn. Comment


I view the show as a kind of time capsule," Brooklyn-born artist Daze told GO Brooklyn about the Brooklyn Museum’s "Graffiti" exhibition, which opens on Friday. Comment


Park Slope native Danny Leiner says the goals of his new film, "The Great New Wonderful," were to effectively capture the mood and energy in the Big Apple a year after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks and to show how those feelings of anxiety and loss worked as invisible threads connecting the lives of five seemingly unrelated sets of New Yorkers. Comment

GREEK TO ME       

"Just like Greece," said my friend as we were led to our table at Agnanti Meze in Bay Ridge. He was stating the obvious. It was as steamy as August in Athens in the dining room; with only ceiling fans making a lazy whirl above us, we stayed hot most of the night. Comment
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The Pleasures of Gin

There is a scene in Ernest Hemingway’s “A Farewell to Arms” where Frederick Henry, away from the horrors of the front lines of the First World War, walks into the bar in a grand hotel and orders his first Martini. He drinks it, has two more and says “I have never tasted anything so cool and clean. They made me feel civilized.” Hemingway got it right. Read more…

It’s Hepcat’s day

Smartmom: Hepcat hates Father’s Day and could care less about gifts and cards. He feels the same way about Mother’s Day, but Smartmom has trained him to line up — along with the rest of the male population of Park Slope — at the Clay Pot to procure her Mother’s Day offering. Comment

Beep Marty gets stents

Borough President Markowitz is resting — albeit reluctantly — at his Park Slope apartment after two stents were inserted into his heart last week at Maimonides Medical Center. Comment

B-CAT fight over kitty comedy

It’s the purr-fect crime. Comment

Worst start ever! Cyclone squad dead on arrival in 2006

Cyclones: The Brooklyn Cyclones’ sixth home opener was over before it started. Comment

Who says nice guys finish last?

Play’s the Thing: Amaxim credited to Leo Durocher, former manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers, is “Nice guys finish last.” Comment

Far East eats are far out       

Cyclones: Buy me some peanuts and…Chinese dumplings? Comment

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