Summer clothing and accessories reveal all. It doesn’t matter how expensive those gilded gladiator sandals are, or how chic the label is on the perfectly faded tank top, if your toenails are battered and your fingernails are gruesomely bitten to the quick. Comment


A powerful real-estate developer has bought the Jewish Press building near the Gowanus Canal — the latest in a series of moves that could transform the industrial area into a village of housing, stores, art galleries and waterfront esplanades. “We are very excited about the acquisition of the JP site,” said Sara Mirski, spokeswoman for developer Shaya Boymelgreen. “The site provides improved access opportunities to [a] proposed waterfront esplanade and park” along the canal. The sale of the building, on Third Avenue between First and Third streets, coupled with con Comment


Atlantic Yards: Fashionistas had been holding their breaths ever since Harriet’s Alter Ego co-owners Ngozi Odita and Hekima Hapa were forced to relocate to make room for Bruce Ratner’s Atlantic Yards mega-project. Comment


Bright lights, European styling and surround sound stereos are not only found at the New York International Auto Show, but at the new Hollywood Tan in Bay Ridge. In addition to the usual beds, this salon features five state-of-the-art devices that represent the pinnacle of tanning technology Europe has to offer. Comment


If you want to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in style, head to Lobo restaurant. To commemorate Mexican independence day (and introduce their new Tex-Mex menu), owners Sean Patterson and David Schneider are offering a $19.95 prix-fixe dinner. The three-course special includes an appetizer, such as grilled jumbo shrimp with tequila sauce or chicken quesadillas with mole poblano; a main course, such as chicken-fried steak or BBQ ribs and chicken; and one of their homemade desserts, such as vanilla flan, churros or Mexican brownies. They’re all tweaked with bold flavors and a Texas twist. Wash it all down with $3 Coronas. Comment


The Russians gave us a taste for the finer things in life - vodka, caviar, jewel-covered eggs - but when choosing a new motif for a line of summer T shirts, Brooklyn Industries went Soviet. The Williamsburg-based clothing company recently rolled out a line of 12 graphic Ts with designs of famed Coney Island icons - the Cyclone, the Wonder Wheel, hot dogs and the Parachute Jump - inspired by the Russian Constructivist movement of the 1920s and ’30s, according to Creative Director Vahap Funk. Comment


For fashion-minded Brooklynites who also keep an eye on their pocketbooks, a summer wardrobe just wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Buffalo Exchange, where one hipster’s trash is another hipster’s treasure. Comment


The destruction of a row of houses near Fulton Mall would “continue a legacy” of losing valuable bits of black history, a member of the city’s Landmarks Preservation Commission charged last week. As reported recently in The Brooklyn Papers, preservationists have stepped up a two-year-old fight to save two Downtown Brooklyn homes where the city wants to build a parking lot, but they claim is a historic site where well-known 19th-century abolitionists lived and harbored slaves on their way to freedom. In a letter to the consulting te Comment


Paris. Milan. Brooklyn? Comment

A good development        

For the past few years, it has become all too easy for Brooklynites to reject out of hand new real-estate development. There’s a good reason: some projects in Brooklyn are so massive, ugly and misplaced that they have made many residents cynical about the entire notion of building in the borough. Yet build we must, because Brooklyn is where people want to live and work. After all, the alternative, experienced during a period of urban decline in the 1960s and ’70s, is far worse for everyone. The good news is that not all development is improperly located or otherwise misguided. As our Comment


When Beet opened in October, I thought, "Oh, great. Just what Park Slope needs, another Thai restaurant." The neighborhood’s two main dining boulevards, Fifth and Seventh avenues, are already quite well served by Thai eateries. Comment


Atlantic Yards: Touche, Tish! Comment

Great bridge, great race

Brooklyn Angle: Time was, the Brooklyn Bridge was so powerful a symbol that protesters would only march across it to complain about Really Big Things: police brutality, civil rights, abortion rights, war. Comments (1)
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When in Doubt, Choose Beaujolais!

So... these four Parisians walk into a Bistro for a meal. One orders Salmon, one has roasted chicken, one wants a small steak while the fourth chooses the pasta with mushrooms. Which wine do they order? No, this isn’t a joke: it’s what a Sommelier faces on the restaurant floor every day. Well, what well-made, tasty and affordable wine will compliment each of the four dishes without clashing with the flavors of any of them? Beaujolais! Beaujolais is perhaps the closest thing yet to an all-around, versatile wine: a wine that can be enjoyed with or without food, with meat, po Read more…

My kid, the clotheshorse

Smartmom: The oldest daughter of Smartmom’s rich cousin in Baltimore is getting married in June — a black-tie wedding — and Smartmom’s clan is in tizzy about what to wear. Comment

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