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It took more than a year for Bener Bilgin, the owner of My Moon in Williamsburg, to gut the boiler room of an old factory and transform the neglected space into the performance venue and eatery he envisioned. Comment


In "The May Queen: Women on Life, Love, Work, and Pulling It All Together in Your 30s," editor Andrea Richesin has culled an eclectic collection of essays by a diverse array of women about what being "put together" means after 29 - in 2006. Comment


Amidst the dropping cherry blossom petals at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, local pop-rock band Gaijin a Go-Go will drop its latest album, "Go Go Boot Camp" on April 29. Comment


Barely known hereabouts - especially compared with giants like his compatriots Yasujiro Ozu, Masaki Kobayashi and Akira Kurosawa - is Japanese director Mikio Naruse. Comment


The story of the invention of Sweet’N Low is a great tale of post-World War II America. It is a history of the national diet. It is a cautionary tale of political corruption. Comments (1)


This year’s Tribeca Film Festival includes the world premiere of two feature films with Brooklyn connections: "Brother’s Shadow" and "The Big Bad Swim." Comment


The vibrant, complicated artworks of Aminah Lynn Robinson are as unique and engaging as the artist herself. Comment


Atlantic Yards: In the wake of $66 million in public subsidies approved by the state legislature for Atlantic Yards developer Bruce Ratner, Gov. Pataki promised this week to make it a cool $100 million — even if he doesn’t know how. Comment


There’s only one disadvantage to eating in a Korean restaurant: afterwards, everyone can tell where you’ve dined. While grilling your own meat at the table is a wonderful way to enjoy the cuisine, those fumes can stick with you long after the check’s been paid. Shul Kim (pictured on right), the owner of Williamsburg’s Dokebi (means "devil" or "ghost" in Korean), has found a way for you to remain sweet-smelling. At each table, he’s installed grills specially designed to suck the smoke out of the air. Comment

The Queen’s view of Kings        

The arrival of the 3,000-passenger Queen Mary 2 to Red Hook has local pols excited at the tourism potential for Brooklyn. But can that potential be realized? The Brooklyn Papers asked random QM2 passengers what they thought when they heard the word “Brooklyn.” Judging from the responses, our borough has a lot of work to do to win these hearts and minds. Comment

QM2 here: So what’s in it for us?

The Queen Mary 2 christened the new cruise ship terminal in Red Hook last week, drawing plenty of oohs and ahhs from onlookers, lots of platitude-filled speeches from politicians and one unanswered question from skeptics, “What’s in it for Brooklyn?” Comment

Don’t let tourists drift        

Residents of Red Hook said they were awakened last Saturday by the foghorn on the Queen Mary 2 as she slipped into her brand-new berth at the foot of Pioneer Street. That foghorn should be a wake-up call for the entire borough. The arrival of the world’s largest passenger ship — and the debarkation of thousands of wealthy tourists — is a historic moment that Brooklyn must not let slip by. As our own Gersh Kuntzman and Ariella Cohen discovered as they interviewed sea-weary travelers leaving the ship last Saturday, virtually none had any Comment

Ratner’s new Web site o’lies        

Atlantic Yards: There are lies, damn lies and then there’s Bruce Ratner’s new Web site. Comment

City charges architect with super-sizing his designs        

Robert Scarano calls himself the architect of “the new Brooklyn,” but the prolific master builder is facing charges that he falsified applications for buildings that are larger than what is allowed under zoning codes. Comment

Old timers: New Mets park no Ebbets Field

Brooklyn Angle: The Mets say their new stadium design was “inspired by the tradition” of Ebbets Field. Comment

A May wedding for Spot

Smartmom: It may not be June, but it’s wedding season in the Oh So Feisty One’s third-grade class at PS 321. Spot, OSFO’s favorite stuffed dog, and Kate, the stuffed bear of her classmate, are engaged. Kate is a divorcee with a young baby bear named Bob, Jr. Spot will be his stepfather. Comment
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Closeouts: the Good, the Bad and the Terrible!

Here are a few tips on how to save money and not get burned when you are buying wine! There are times when our suppliers come to me with offers that are almost too good to be true. There just isn’t enough room in their warehouse, and a few containers of wine are coming in. They have to move the current stock out, and are willing to sell a big “drop” for a bargain price. The current vintage is in, and they still have a good amount of the last one and, while it may be drinking better than the “new” one, they will offer it to me cheaply if I take everything that they have Read more…

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