The elementary school I attended had few Jewish students. It was us, the Shaws, the Galperins, the Coopers and three or four others. Comment


You probably haven’t said to yourself lately, "What the world needs now is another romantic indie comedy with a quirky gender twist." Comment


Just as the flowers and trees rejoice in physical rebirth at this time of year, Easter celebrates hope and the renewal of the spirit. This is also a time of year with many food associations that remind us that eating is for more than mere nourishment or pleasure, it is also a means of triggering and reinforcing deep emotions through rituals that bind individuals to one another in communities of shared tradition and belief. Among the numerous foods associated with Easter, my own favorite - and one of my very favorite forms of bread - are hot cross buns. Comment


For two Brooklyn milliners, springtime is about celebrating the wonder and whimsy of the traditional Easter bonnet. Though you won’t find too many Brooklyn women tying fat satin ribbons under their chins, you will find them wearing daring original designs at the newly traditional gathering place for hat lovers, the fourth annual Easter Extravaganza Parade of Hats on Saturday, March 30. Comment


Listen up Brooklyn, it’s time to get ready for the "John Cougarstein and Friends Happy Happy Smile Hour and a Half," a variety show that is returning to the Brooklyn Lyceum on March 23 and which promises to serve up a hearty brew of comedy - including stand-up, sketch comedy and Cougarstein’s own brand of musical satire. Comment


When the brothers Grimm collected their fairy tales, they were really transcribing the "children’s and household tales" they had culled from interviews with peasants. These tales reflected the traditions, customs and yearnings of a rural society. Comment

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